Best Custom House Wins $100,000 - Instant Influencer S2

102 000 Vaatamised 2,6 mln

I had 2 artists compete for $100,000! The challenge: paint 6 small houses. Who will be crowned the winner of Instant Influencer?!

David »
JB »
Jadon »
Joseph »
Kirsten »
Marissa »
Nick »
Ryan »
Sophie »
Tyler »

Guest Judge:
Carter Sharer »

0:00 Intro & Recap
1:50 Tiny House Challenge
10:17 Tiny House Challenge Pt II
20:45 Tiny House Challenge Pt III
24:20 Judging
26:11 David's Final Video
30:15 Nick's Final Video
34:15 The Results


  1. ZHC
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    1. Arki Bro
      Arki Bro
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      Ok new mrbeast

    2. ultimate goal for roblox
      ultimate goal for roblox
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      If you spend 100 hours outside

    3. Gabrielle veiqaravi
      Gabrielle veiqaravi
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      Pls spend 100 hours customizing a train pleasee

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      I love your videos

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      Aesthetic gamer
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    Anyone else who gets Abella Danger vibes from his girlfriend?

  4. Follow me and I’ll follow back I MsFrog
    Follow me and I’ll follow back I MsFrog
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    This is just INSANE

  5. Eva HU
    Eva HU
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    15:09 You guys need to have your beauty sleep 💅

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    Gmabali Edna
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    What is up with your attire

  7. Julian Harris
    Julian Harris
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    mr beast vibes...

  8. Arki Bro
    Arki Bro
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    SPOILER ALERT: NICK IS LIT❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

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  10. Arki Bro
    Arki Bro
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    GOTTA GO FAST!!!!!

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    When will you do the biggest video with nick? You are so late

  12. Roll NO. 5 Std 3B Choubey Roshni Arun Bhai
    Roll NO. 5 Std 3B Choubey Roshni Arun Bhai
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    Come in india Bro

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    Kami Art
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    Infact, this channel never fails to entertain us, keep it up... 👍👍👍👍

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    Television | official music
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    ZHC bringing his inner igor out

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    hi im a big fan i want to be an artist when im older and ur videos inspire me alot

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    just found your channel through anthony and I love it!

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  18. ultimate goal for roblox
    ultimate goal for roblox
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    If you give away 5555M dollars to me Camden and you can go out to eat a lot 💯😉

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    Your profile picture is Cool “Dax’ And congrats Nick

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    Samantha Woods
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    I loved this series. It was so uplifting and inspiring.

  24. Gabrielle veiqaravi
    Gabrielle veiqaravi
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    Yo you should spend 100 hours customizing a train

  25. Aadila Khan
    Aadila Khan
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    hi zhc i love your painthing but i like munchies viodo more

  26. Rswag and Iswag
    Rswag and Iswag
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    I miss your old videos

  27. The landedkiller show
    The landedkiller show
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    Mrbeast with Art 🖼

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    Roji Poudel
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    I wish he made his old vids with his other friends😕

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    Mika ☆
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    i watch your videos every single day when i come back from school

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    Mulenga Mumba
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    Man, I love the fact that when you're watching something and you become impatient you just got to scroll down to the comments and BOOM!, you got your answer

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    Danie Gao
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    Are you guys rich?

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  34. Danie Gao
    Danie Gao
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    I love your guys drawings

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    Brazileah Moomoo
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    Sup zhc

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    Da Grl
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    The look David gave nick 😭

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    Ysss nick is my fav contestant ❤️🥳

  38. Yumeko Jabami
    Yumeko Jabami
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    Zach where's makeup because he's slaying it

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    Arnnie Mark Aromin
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    I love your art so much and you Anchorage me so much

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    Muhammad aydreal miqhaeyl Muhammad (Yuhuaps)
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    uhm do you mind if u giveaway a ps4 to me

  43. Throwaway YouTube Account
    Throwaway YouTube Account
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  44. U didnt answer kgdkgxlcjvjchlxgdodogtiaUWU
    U didnt answer kgdkgxlcjvjchlxgdodogtiaUWU
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    Art Annalise
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    The Channel for You and Me
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    Leo is out or not

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    Hello ZHC can you make a drawing of BTS (Kim Namjoon ,Kim Seokjin ,(Min Yoongi, Jung hoseok ,Park Jimin , Kim Taehyung , Jeon Jungkook ) Please make it 💜💜

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    Like who would do the best rubberband shape or something like this

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    i feel like david was the best in all the vedios

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    Rise Paradise
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    truly believe this should’ve been sophie instead of david

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    you should do a cake decorating challenge with -Jake -Viv -Michelle -Izzy -1 subscribers - orange hair dude - a special guest

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    Charlotte Hendricks
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    Anybody else see Jake staring at Sophie when it was the end of day one like 👁👄👁

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    Salo's Gaming Lounge
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    Wow dude Nick one wow That was Amazing

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    I think they both deserve to win 🤯

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    lol bro we have the same birthday

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    I think Nica will end up in a doll body but be against chucky. She’s been disabled her whole life. After going insane all from sharing a body with chucky and then having her limbs removed it would make sense then for her to want a new body. Maybe having learned voodoo from chucky and sharing a body she transfer her soul into a doll and becomes (pun intended) a good guy doll😂😂😂 part joke but serious theory

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