A Really Long Chicken

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Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose Of Internet! In this video, a long chicken is recorded walking around.

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Italian Afternoon by Twin Musicom www.twinmusicom.org
Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 - CC BY 3.0
Free Download / Stream: bit.ly/italian-afternoon
Music promoted by Audio Library eepulse.info/video/xGl2pZW1qrOIf6M.html

Also in this video, a mom buys an anime sweater. A bottle of soda explodes in a parking lot. A dog falls in the snow. A person puts chocolate on a balloon and it pops. People find a dog with their head stuck in a bottle. A man goes skateboarding while on a jump rope. A cat tries to drink coffee.

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  1. Brian
    Aasta tagasi

    That chicken just has really good posture.

      13 päeva tagasi

      Yea better then mine.

    2. Baheer Salehzai
      Baheer Salehzai
      21 päev tagasi

      Make for a great meal for all the family

    3. gd nub
      gd nub
      27 päeva tagasi


    4. Kratos
      28 päeva tagasi

      He looks like my dad with a beer belly.

    5. Eric Lenser
      Eric Lenser
      Місяць tagasi

      @ø ho, you're approaching me.

  2. crafter mavs
    crafter mavs
    17 tundi tagasi

    2:33 im laughing this hard so hard that i cant even stop laughing and watching super man ripoff its groin or ball or what ever is called

  3. Commenter I'm just a commenter
    Commenter I'm just a commenter
    2 päeva tagasi

    It's the real life version of Foghorn Leghorn!

  4. MossyBro
    2 päeva tagasi

    As a chicken owner, I can assure you, that is a very long chicken

  5. mustafa sanane
    mustafa sanane
    2 päeva tagasi

    Not funny or cool. Sociopathy or accident

  6. Kylie
    2 päeva tagasi

    other chickens are horizontal, this chicken is verticle

  7. kek lol
    kek lol
    3 päeva tagasi

    BRUH How to forget that moment with her mom BRUH BRUUUUH IM DYING OF CRINGE

  8. Obi-Wan Shinobi
    Obi-Wan Shinobi
    4 päeva tagasi

    Shazam 2:32 LOL

  9. Daniel T
    Daniel T
    4 päeva tagasi

    0:00 POV: your watching a rap music video

  10. LivingDeadAngel
    4 päeva tagasi

    Combusken be like

  11. Gozleme World
    Gozleme World
    5 päeva tagasi

    When a chicken says they will do anything for a seed be like:

  12. CJ Lamo
    CJ Lamo
    5 päeva tagasi

    0:36 lmao that glt me XDD

  13. Dr. SnipahMan
    Dr. SnipahMan
    5 päeva tagasi

    You missed the perfect chance to name this vid ‘’ a really long cock’m

  14. awais gul
    awais gul
    5 päeva tagasi

    That drone guy needs to be in movies man what a skill he has

  15. Tristanme
    5 päeva tagasi

    Ayo that's Chicken Joe

  16. CJ
    5 päeva tagasi

    Love these videos.

  17. wiLlfA
    6 päeva tagasi

    Thats a long cock😳 (i know cocks are roosters :()

  18. RTX Tyrial
    RTX Tyrial
    7 päeva tagasi

    Chicken : Do you even lift bro? I mean hes got a body full of proteins.

  19. Just A Swedish Train Aficionado
    Just A Swedish Train Aficionado
    7 päeva tagasi

    That hippo was SCARY, man!

  20. op250 Porcayo
    op250 Porcayo
    8 päeva tagasi

    The chicken was showing dominance

  21. Eileen Ger
    Eileen Ger
    8 päeva tagasi

    yeah, those people PUT that puppy in that bottle ! so many videos out there of people doing such things to get views on youtube....shameful !

  22. oatmeal man
    oatmeal man
    8 päeva tagasi

    Featherless?❌ Biped?✅ This is not a man

  23. CreativeBreyersofficial
    8 päeva tagasi

    That poor snow dog 😂

  24. James Leigh Suarez
    James Leigh Suarez
    8 päeva tagasi

    2:35 replay button🙃😉

  25. LeGenD B1
    LeGenD B1
    8 päeva tagasi

    3:00 Grasshopper : aye ho ! You recording ? Let me give myself a pose --

  26. Berry Bears
    Berry Bears
    9 päeva tagasi

    Now I know what type of chicken ,chicken strips come from

  27. Marcellus Cypher
    Marcellus Cypher
    10 päeva tagasi

    I don't know about y'all but that chicken is giving me ✨sassy vibes ✨

  28. Shaikat Sarkar
    Shaikat Sarkar
    10 päeva tagasi

    Chicken: i am bad guyyyy...

  29. Raine Wilder
    Raine Wilder
    11 päeva tagasi

    crap, I forgot to buy a melon at the store today :(

  30. Stijn Tak
    Stijn Tak
    11 päeva tagasi

    There is a good chance that the guys at 3:27 had putt on the bottle on the puppy but only filmed themselves taking it off

  31. Wenagade Waider
    Wenagade Waider
    11 päeva tagasi

    Indeed a very long chicken

  32. I am a smart type of guy
    I am a smart type of guy
    12 päeva tagasi

    Nobody isnt questioning superman Why?

  33. Somebum
    12 päeva tagasi

    I would love that mom to be my teacher So me and my fellow weeb classmates can party all day watching anime

  34. Henry Livingstone
    Henry Livingstone
    13 päeva tagasi

    Awww that mom is so sweet for taking a crack at her daughter’s interests 🤗🤗🤗

  35. LoveBug7
    13 päeva tagasi

    **hears the cat honk** IT'S TEDDY!

  36. Ryan Adams
    Ryan Adams
    14 päeva tagasi

    I would have been happy if that mother bought me THAT anime shirt

    1. Ryan Adams
      Ryan Adams
      11 päeva tagasi

      @Mohammed Hameed Im not in school anymore so I dont care lol also if the mother didnt know what is to say the teachers would?

    2. Mohammed Hameed
      Mohammed Hameed
      11 päeva tagasi

      If ur teacher sees u wearing that You are done for

  37. Rojo08
    14 päeva tagasi

    0:24 rais for that guy who did a spin for us

  38. Angelo Gomez
    Angelo Gomez
    14 päeva tagasi

    why did mom buy anime sweatshirt ;-;

  39. nauman butt
    nauman butt
    14 päeva tagasi

    I love how you show the video thats on the titel i love your channel and i also subscribe love your channel sorry for saying that line so much 😅

    14 päeva tagasi

    thats not a chicken thats a penguin

  41. Joy Devision
    Joy Devision
    15 päeva tagasi

    Ha he looks like that chicken from surfs up

  42. Adgeifc ¿
    Adgeifc ¿
    15 päeva tagasi

    Chicken legs are thicc muscular not thin

  43. Merica
    15 päeva tagasi

    2:00 me every morning, except I'm ugly

  44. 1.618 Murphy
    1.618 Murphy
    15 päeva tagasi

    Doesn't Superman have "Super Balls"? Why is he screaming?

  45. Are You Mad Bro?XD
    Are You Mad Bro?XD
    15 päeva tagasi

    Those people didn’t find that puppy stuck in a bottle it was forced into the bottle for views to make money. Please don’t support these horrible, disgusting animal abuse channels that pretend to “save” puppies and dogs by jamming their heads into jars, putting them into tar and all kinds of sick crap.

  46. thepay yabut
    thepay yabut
    15 päeva tagasi

    Look at Dem LEGS

  47. Jaco3
    15 päeva tagasi

    alternative title: a really long co-

  48. Beniamino Marini
    Beniamino Marini
    15 päeva tagasi

    That hippo SMASHED that watermelon 😳

  49. TheWeirdo486
    16 päeva tagasi

    i love how you say everything including jokes in a matter of fact tone, it makes everything funnier

  50. Mirthe van Zwol
    Mirthe van Zwol
    16 päeva tagasi

    I really love that you put your own clips in aswell

  51. Mirthe van Zwol
    Mirthe van Zwol
    16 päeva tagasi

    The balloon probably popped because the chocolate is hot.

  52. Mirthe van Zwol
    Mirthe van Zwol
    16 päeva tagasi

    It looks like a beheaded chicken with legs under it.

  53. Lalo
    17 päeva tagasi

    Thats a chinguin

  54. BlackFire3
    17 päeva tagasi

    That chicken looks like it's aiming to restart the third rigch

  55. Ida Schou
    Ida Schou
    17 päeva tagasi

    That woise make me leave and give a diss like.

  56. Nikki Nicole
    Nikki Nicole
    17 päeva tagasi

    Poor chicken. Is something wrong with it's back?

  57. palace of boringnes
    palace of boringnes
    17 päeva tagasi

    This Chicken gansta man!😎

  58. Manuel Pascual
    Manuel Pascual
    17 päeva tagasi

    i didnt expect that the girl's mom would buy her an anime simp shirt

  59. Stefano Grimaldi
    Stefano Grimaldi
    18 päeva tagasi

    U sure thats a chicken? 0:03 It looks more like a... Cockrall

  60. Mr.Mischief Iknowyourpassword
    Mr.Mischief Iknowyourpassword
    18 päeva tagasi

    And that's why you HAUL ASS when you see a hippo in the wild. They are fierce, fast and absolutely deadly. Not to mention territorial and able to even beat alligators.

    1. N1nj4L1nk
      17 päeva tagasi

      Did you see its front teeth extend a it opened its mouth?

  61. ꧁XxSčrãp_ ĢĺītćhýxX꧂
    ꧁XxSčrãp_ ĢĺītćhýxX꧂
    18 päeva tagasi


  62. rashod johnson
    rashod johnson
    18 päeva tagasi

    Is that chicken Joe ( From surf's up)

  63. I don't give a fuck
    I don't give a fuck
    18 päeva tagasi

    brooooo I've been inside that factory

  64. dr3voks
    18 päeva tagasi


  65. K M-18
    K M-18
    18 päeva tagasi

    I wonder who's head that coke bottle when and hit 😬

  66. Mr Taco
    Mr Taco
    18 päeva tagasi

    That's a really long co-

    18 päeva tagasi

    Noone: Chicken: _walks like a gentleman to flirt the camera_

    1. Joe Lam
      Joe Lam
      17 päeva tagasi

      penguin have found a new challenger

  68. Foxie Pup
    Foxie Pup
    18 päeva tagasi


  69. Arghost97
    18 päeva tagasi

    00:31 woman of culture

  70. Jel-0 hashira
    Jel-0 hashira
    18 päeva tagasi

    I wish my mom was like that :(

  71. Raymond Kuma
    Raymond Kuma
    18 päeva tagasi

    God loves you and just wants love back.

  72. A Stranger
    A Stranger
    18 päeva tagasi

    This title could be interpreted in a very different way

    1. Magical Demon Boy
      Magical Demon Boy
      18 päeva tagasi

      A realy long co-

    19 päeva tagasi

    I say...I say that chicken be lookin fine

  74. g g
    g g
    19 päeva tagasi

    0:03 I want you to meet *Marselo*

  75. Who
    19 päeva tagasi


  76. Ricky Shicky
    Ricky Shicky
    19 päeva tagasi

    2:34 *M A X I M U M P A I N*

  77. Ahmad Arif
    Ahmad Arif
    19 päeva tagasi

    That's what she said

  78. Sebastian Jorge Burgos
    Sebastian Jorge Burgos
    19 päeva tagasi

    0:16 HD Movie intro's be like:

  79. C.L.
    21 päev tagasi

    Superman is not going to have kids now ✋🥲🤚

  80. Reno Simpson
    Reno Simpson
    21 päev tagasi

    You’ve seen a chick run around with not head before.. Now you have seen a chicken head run around with no body

  81. Rohlua Hihi
    Rohlua Hihi
    23 päeva tagasi

    Did she just buy a hentai merch😂😂😂

  82. BATMAN
    23 päeva tagasi

    2:10 chinesee cat

  83. Spectxre
    24 päeva tagasi

    Why was she so suprised after the balloon exploded it wasnt that bad you could just easily clean it up

  84. Sakura Miku
    Sakura Miku
    25 päeva tagasi

    0:39 _mom, I don't think that's anime.._ 😱

    1. Ahmad Arif
      Ahmad Arif
      19 päeva tagasi


    2. Ahmad Arif
      Ahmad Arif
      19 päeva tagasi


  85. Miriam Cervantes
    Miriam Cervantes
    27 päeva tagasi

    I love cat s they're so cute

  86. WaterWeb
    27 päeva tagasi

    Whenever I see something cute my bites get weaker

  87. Silencer
    27 päeva tagasi

    that chicken was probably a bodybuilder in its past life

  88. Joe Haynes
    Joe Haynes
    27 päeva tagasi

    A REALLY long chicken.

    27 päeva tagasi

    The chicken came outside of KFC alive and seen some shit Dont worry about him

  90. Pxstxl Bxnny ♪
    Pxstxl Bxnny ♪
    27 päeva tagasi

    That Chicken Was Probably Being Climbed By Other Chicken-

  91. Nightren
    27 päeva tagasi

    2:34 i felt that

  92. Nightren
    27 päeva tagasi

    2:14 cats die if they eat chocolate as they contain caffeine, coffee also contains caffeine

  93. Hridy
    28 päeva tagasi

    Thanks to this video... I almost forgot that chickens have two legs

  94. 1972 Chevy C-10 Pickup Truck
    1972 Chevy C-10 Pickup Truck
    28 päeva tagasi

    My man walkin like plip plap plip

  95. Space zooka
    Space zooka
    28 päeva tagasi

    Cat: 🐮

  96. IDontHaveAName
    28 päeva tagasi

    me waiting for my furry friends at marriot hotel

  97. Antonín Karola
    Antonín Karola
    28 päeva tagasi

    It is a chicken male, so a cock. A really long cock.

  98. Oshaa McClenty
    Oshaa McClenty
    29 päeva tagasi

    in 3:01 what that mantis did was a warning to get back be careful out there

  99. Sebastian
    29 päeva tagasi

    That's _definitely_ just 3 chicks in a trenchcoat

  100. Ari
    29 päeva tagasi

    00:05 uhhh okay... so they make the long chicken in burger king ...😂😂