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3am and I’m still awake
I bet you’re just fine, fast asleep in your city
That’s better than mine
And the girl in your bed has a fine pedigree
And I’ll bet your friends tell you she’s better than me

Well I tried to fit in with your upper-crust circles
Yeah, they let me sit in back when we were in love
Oh they sit around talking ‘bout the meaning of life
And the book that just saved ‘em that I hadn’t heard of

But now that we’re done and it’s over
I bet you couldn’t believe
When you realized I’m harder to forget
Than I was to leave
And I bet you think about me

You grew up in a silver spoon gated community
Glamorous shiny bright Beverly Hills
I was raised on a farm, no it wasn’t a mansion
Just living room dancing and kitchen table bills
But you know what they say
You can’t help who you fall for
And you and I fell like an early spring snow
But reality crept in, you said we’re too different
You laughed at my dreams, rolled your eyes at my jokes

Mr. Superior Thinking
Do you have all the space that you need?
I don’t have to be your shrink to know that
You’ll never be happy
And I bet you think about me

I bet you think about me, yes, I bet
You think about me

Oh, block it all out
The voices so loud saying
Why did you let her go
Does it make you feel sad
That the love that you’re looking for
Is the love that you had

Now you’re out in the world, searching for your soul
Scared not to be hip, scared to get old
Chasing make-believe status
Last time you felt free was when none of that shit mattered
Cause you were with me

But now that we’re done and it’s over
I bet it’s hard to believe
But it turned out I’m harder to forget
Than I was to leave
And, yeah, I bet you think about me

I bet you think about me, yes
I bet you think about me
I bet you think about me when you’re out
At your cool indie music concerts every week
I bet you think about me in your house
With your organic shoes and your million dollar couch
I bet you think about me when you say “oh my god
She’s insane, she wrote a song about me”
I bet you think about me

Music video by Taylor Swift performing I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault). © 2021 Taylor Swift


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  9. Elle
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    Balik po tayo sa Tiktok to get some Marites spilling who this music is for. I learn Taylor's relationships over there eh. 😀

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    Omg it gained 300,000 views in one day😍 keep streaming everyone 😌

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    I feel bad for Beyonce. No one is listening to her song. It didn't even trend when it came out.

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    One Of The Most Brilliant Artist Of Our Time.She is such an Icon.Nice Music.👍👏😇

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    Seemed like Taylor is using genjutsu all this time

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    Where was Chris Stapleton I kept waiting for Chris to break in somewhere and start singing

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    I gasped so hard when she gave her the red scarf

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    WHY is no one addressing the huge Speak Now vibes this video gives off? Everyone's all talking about "1989 this" and "1989 that" but like, here I am, alone in my little corner thinking Speak Now.... I mean, she's crashing a wedding? Hello?????

  27. 優雅媽媽土風舞
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    The " she's insane, she wrote a song about me" well be forever iconic

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    Amo tanto la su música

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    Imagine being 30 & still writing songs about teenage love

    1. ÇEA
      13 tundi tagasi

      She wrote this approximately 10 years ago for "Red" but she cut it from the album, and she released it as a vault song of the re-recorded version of Red. Speaking about her songwriting, have you even heard her albums folklore & evermore?? "I bet you.." have not!

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    Jasmine Mandal
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    She is like wine. More the time passes, better it gets

  37. Mirabelle Gabatin
    Mirabelle Gabatin
    20 tundi tagasi

    He was pertaining to Harry.."concert every week....love that you had" Harry just finished his concert this week and his motto is spread LOVE.

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    Best song of wold

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  49. Ambar acevedo
    Ambar acevedo
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    Why is no one talking about the fact that her and Blake lively wrote this together

    1. Santiago Betancur
      Santiago Betancur
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      The script not the song Blake directe the video but Taylor wrote this song since 2012

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  61. rabeya nur
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    ~~i don't know why i have a feelings that it's the matured version of "Lovestory".A teenage turns into a lady with all her emotion ~~

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    There's always a line that attracts you the most in a song, specially when its Taylor's song.....So this one is mine for this song : Does it make you feel sad That the love that you’re looking for Is the love that you had

  70. mikoy huio
    mikoy huio
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    This goes all too well with the Speak Now narrative and if I don’t get a music video continuing this arc I’m gonna throw hands

  71. Alia Ariff
    Alia Ariff
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    A classic from Taylor. BUT what if the video was a story about someone else dear in her life. Someone who’s ex has moved on, married.. but you bet he thinks of his ex. Ring any bells? 😂

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  73. Cool Obsidian
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    Xochilt Aviles
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    『Aly Pie』
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  83. Jake Green
    Jake Green
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    i love the songs you wrote about me , T Swizzle

  84. username
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    When you realize that the sorry is about a groom who doesn't love his bride and still daydreams of Taylor. She's not there because everyone is wearing white and Taylor is wearing red because she's inside his imagination 😳

  85. username
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    😊; I like the way this song sounds...💃🎵👍 (it sounds like country soul, that pops.) / 🙄; Is that a Harmonica?! (1:32) Nice!

  88. Tapashi Biswas
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  90. Rehnuma Ahmed
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    Taylor is just♥️ cant stop to listening this song..

  91. Blurb
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    I bet that the speech the groom gives in the intro is from an actual letter/text/email that Taylor got from Jake when they were dating. 😉

  92. mirrorball🧣
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    We love you Taylor

  93. paula m
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    Joel Warkentin
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  96. Petrova Editz
    Petrova Editz
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    Wow this video is amazing. I’ve grown up listening to Taylor she’s come along way and I love seeing that she’s become so successful. This is definitely one of my favorite new songs. Also can we just take a moment to notice how amazing she’s looks in red! That is her color. I love Taylor so much ❤️

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