I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive

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This was the most insane thing I’ve ever done
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    1. Samantha Taylor
      Samantha Taylor
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      I have been for 5 years

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      gaming and more things
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      i just subed

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      Prince Zian ken Acedera
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      who is karl

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      Mason Sterr
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      I mean I guessss😉

    5. Gamer Girl
      Gamer Girl
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  2. 蔡佳倪
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    HI i am a new fan

  3. Samael
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    what’s good mr beast just commenting

  4. Joseph Johny
    Joseph Johny
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    What if they didnt dig him out after 50 hours

  5. ReadySetRhodes LIVE
    ReadySetRhodes LIVE
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    if i were you i would never do that

  6. Kieserz Vargas
    Kieserz Vargas
    32 minutit tagasi

    Mr. Beast i already do it but its hot inside

  7. Fizzsie
    40 minutit tagasi

    Jimmy: you outsmarted me but i outsmarted your outsmarting "pulls out the battery out of the walkie talkie"

  8. Judy Ann Beboso
    Judy Ann Beboso
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  9. x2twins sofian
    x2twins sofian
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    But its ok

  10. Hamish Nodland
    Hamish Nodland
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  11. Свирепый Мишка
    Свирепый Мишка
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    Ничего себе видос ТОП😄

  12. Προδρομος Τσιτογλου
    Προδρομος Τσιτογλου
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    1:35 ooooooffffffff rip balls

  13. IwannaplayR YT
    IwannaplayR YT
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    wait but how about the oxygen..?

  14. arun devadiga
    arun devadiga
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    J Jha jehhdheueee

  15. arif mehmet
    arif mehmet
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  16. Nelouiase Tatud
    Nelouiase Tatud
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    he literally cried

  17. *No Name*
    *No Name*
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    Imagine Jimmy's friends running away without getting Jimmy out, lol.

  18. Ace
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    Mr beast coffin dance

  19. RUNAI
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  20. Poisoning_ Fox4387
    Poisoning_ Fox4387
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    At 5:35 wow Karl found something

  21. Felipe Koga
    Felipe Koga
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    Ou Mr bests cu

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    relaxing coffin ever

  23. It's RaFi
    It's RaFi
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    MrBeast is peeing

  24. PerzS ツ nz
    PerzS ツ nz
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    I wouldn’t have trust in anyone to just bury me and stand above me …

  25. Diyar Yussef
    Diyar Yussef
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    How you can breathe in the coffin

  26. Kayleigh Murphy
    Kayleigh Murphy
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    I’ve subscribed to you

  27. Lois Fox
    Lois Fox
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    1. Mitchie grace Mendoza
      Mitchie grace Mendoza
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  28. Kyun bataaoon
    Kyun bataaoon
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  29. Mobin Eidi
    Mobin Eidi
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    Im sleepinggggggg

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    angel Paul
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  31. angel Paul
    angel Paul
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    I sub

  32. Star Williams
    Star Williams
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  33. Xiacie Dela Cruz Marquez
    Xiacie Dela Cruz Marquez
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    3:11 sorry :)

  34. Little Prince
    Little Prince
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    Hjjnh ik H hh oopum

  35. Billy Laflare
    Billy Laflare
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    Hey Mr.Beast Can you buy me a mansion P.S I Love Your Whole Life Mr.Beast For Life🗣💯💯💯

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    Rocky Bro
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    Hi Bro

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    mine king 890
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    amir az
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  39. Thger Kyinohn
    Thger Kyinohn
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    I did but i didn’t get it

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    Mr Roblox Promo Code Finder
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    Lets Just Appreciate Mr.Beast For Seeing Him Suffer For 50 Hours

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    Mrbeast Doing The Most Terrible Thing In Life

  42. Thafseena Banu
    Thafseena Banu
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    Hii mr beast bro I need some money...

  43. Awesome Dude Gaming
    Awesome Dude Gaming
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    How do you get such incredible ideas😂😂

  44. Nimul Chea
    Nimul Chea
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    imagine doing 200 hour

  45. Mateo Gabriel cruzat
    Mateo Gabriel cruzat
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    FunFact: mr beast thumbnails almost mr beast open mouth

  46. Super Fast Cubing
    Super Fast Cubing
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    You are amazing

  47. DeimosSTREM
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    Well, at least he isn't Ryan Reynolds!

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    i was here

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    Anusha Peranganji
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    Done!! Subscribed 😄😁😁

  50. AI- Gaming
    AI- Gaming
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    J from poland

  51. Arky adventures
    Arky adventures
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    Karl and Chris throws walkie talkie every time Walkie talkie: why are you bullying me?

  52. Night_Owl_
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    This is terrifying!

  53. Lisa Bettison
    Lisa Bettison
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    I subscribe

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    Jimy love you so much

  55. Arpan Rai
    Arpan Rai
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    gimme money or I turn into convertible

  56. BS MUSIC
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    Опачки, идейку у хаймана украл)

  57. Amrit Singh
    Amrit Singh
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    You are legend

  58. Richie Bachan
    Richie Bachan
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    Men ur brave

  59. Francesco Baggio Hendra
    Francesco Baggio Hendra
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    8:18 KABOOM

  60. Jay Patrick Lopez
    Jay Patrick Lopez
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    Hi mrbeast im from the Philippines. I already subscribed and would be glad if i could win $10,000 eventhough im from the Philippines. Thankyou

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    Nandi Somar
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    I sub u

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    Najwane Barnes
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    Jesus Junio
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    broscancuddle too
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    10:04 tnkiu

  65. DartPheonix Gaming
    DartPheonix Gaming
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    Mm yes clout

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    I was surprised when my mom started watching you😃

  67. iris nicole D. Castaneda
    iris nicole D. Castaneda
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    2 day wow that hard

    10 tundi tagasi

    Imagine you did it....and your friend rejected to help you ( ): 😒

  69. Afiq Xmy
    Afiq Xmy
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  70. Ammar Saleh
    Ammar Saleh
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    Mrs beast I love your videos

  71. Vaso Bachtsevanopoulou
    Vaso Bachtsevanopoulou
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    Did anyone else see the black thing out side the tent when they were changing the colours of the lights?😳

  72. Ngozi Omokhuale
    Ngozi Omokhuale
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    Subscribe at Mr Beast

  73. Julian Soldano
    Julian Soldano
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    This guy is doing watever to someday beat peweedipie

  74. joshorts
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    Mr.beast coped morgz

  75. Isabelle Luettich
    Isabelle Luettich
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    Great job for you

  76. iSyriux
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    Buried alive in a small box with a fly for 50 hours What a nightmare

  77. J Andrei De Leon
    J Andrei De Leon
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  78. NickSaint
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    I just subscribe! This channel is hilarious

  79. GoldenDiamondBeast
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    LOL 3:43

  80. Roselyn Diaz
    Roselyn Diaz
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  81. Micaela casaverde returns
    Micaela casaverde returns
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    I want to do this challenge

  82. N_james13
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    wearing adidas and nike inside a coffin is 🔥🔥

  83. Jarale Reid
    Jarale Reid
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    I'm your biggest fan

  84. baby Yoda and alivya
    baby Yoda and alivya
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  85. Britney Thompson
    Britney Thompson
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    I am so sorry I can't watch this is my biggest fear

  86. Alayna weddle
    Alayna weddle
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    Oh my God I would be too afraid to do that

  87. deserteag1e 7731
    deserteag1e 7731
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    6:49 timelapse

  88. SHOOTER 2⃣
    SHOOTER 2⃣
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    What's that, man what??? Are you crazy?

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    C D
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    C D
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  91. C D
    C D
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    im so glAd you guys Are being sAfe And cArefull About this

  92. C D
    C D
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    this probAbly wAS so scAry

  93. Saima Saghir
    Saima Saghir
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    I have a question how did you breathe

  94. Nanda Maung
    Nanda Maung
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    what do you eat

  95. Rachel Snead
    Rachel Snead
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    Chloe Gray
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    brisais here
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    Daniel Sandoval
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