4,000HP NHRA Corvette C6 vs Ken Block's 1,400HP AWD Mustang // Hoonicorn vs The World 2

162 000 Vaatamised 6 mln

Hoonicorn vs The World is BACK! But we’ve made a few changes this time around... We added paddle shifting to the SADEV Sequential transmission, weird science prototype VF503 wheels from American Racing, all-new livery, and maybe a few "beep boops" to give it a little more GO. First challenger? U.S. Nationals NHRA champion Alex Laughlin and his ridiculously ridiculous 4,000 HORSEPOWER 526ci Hemi C6 Corvette, enjoy!

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  1. Hoonigan

    Hoonicorn vs The World is BACK! Who should we line up against the Hoonicorn next???

  2. feraldart

    That Corvette driver was super cool, professional and classy. He represents his sponsors and his organization very well.

  3. Joshua S
    Joshua S

    Whenever you feel like you're useless, just remember that someone is going to have to administer a driving test to Lia when she turns 16.

  4. B G
    B G

    Mad respect for the c6 driver. Would be waaaaay more proper having a tree to stage on and get better reactions. Jumps lose automatically

  5. Chris Silva
    Chris Silva
    14 päeva tagasi

    I’m almost certain he’s not running that vette all out as fear for it not hooking abs losing control

  6. John Hebert
    John Hebert

    The talent and respect for the machine she shows is amazing. I don’t know many grown men that could handle 1400 horsepower, let alone a 14 year old. Amazing young woman with talent to spare!

  7. Drewdoestrucks

    “Leah’s a savage on the tree” yeah Leah red lighted by a full car length on round 1. Not that it made much difference.

  8. ThatDudeinBlue

    Can we just add that this just shows how dumb fast the HOONICORN is win or lose? So incredible.

  9. The macaroni and the beans What the f
    The macaroni and the beans What the f

    That was the ultimate example of: "how I took a 2 minute story into an hour"

  10. John Slumber
    John Slumber

    Would love to see this race ran back on a drag strip.! This race was Amazing.!

  11. Eric Miechur
    Eric Miechur

    OMG! That was the coolest race ever! I got an adrenaline rush just watching it. AWESOME!

  12. Don'tWorry WhatMyNameIs
    Don'tWorry WhatMyNameIs

    Damn!! Lia has come a very long way in such a short period of time. I remember not that long ago when that fox body was built for her. She was just learning to drift and handle a car. And now to where she’s at is just amazing!

  13. Sam Holcombe
    Sam Holcombe
    12 tundi tagasi

    I’m really impressed with the Hoon and Lias driving skills, I really thought the Vette would leave it, and maybe it would on a prepped track. That sure was a cool match up and cool drivers.

  14. Judahs Garage
    Judahs Garage

    Kens daughter is definitely making the family name proud

  15. Reuben Stern
    Reuben Stern

    Seeing pops on trackside and daughter racing makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Kens raised a legend. He's living the dream :')

  16. Christopher John
    Christopher John

    Here in the UK we don't see much of this awesomeness, absolutely hooked on your videos. Literally the dogs bollocks on EEpulse. Keep up the quality content. 👍👍👍👍

  17. Shadow Fall
    Shadow Fall

    "Chase is a race" "she jumped a little bit".

  18. whatever 12
    whatever 12

    I would like to see a drag light 🚦 chasing is cool but for one race, i wanna see their real reaction time

  19. TrashPanda805

    I remember watching that video of Lia learning how to first drift, look at her now! She indeed does have a bright future, that was awesome racing.

  20. Mr. Skinz
    Mr. Skinz

    Ken’s daughters reflexes on that last run where crazy, she beat a pro off the line, this season is gonna be awesome