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Mr Beast Saves The Ocean for Team Seas
It's kinda like "I Cleaned The World’s Dirtiest Beach" but if Jimmy was a crazy. This is kinda a sequel to If MrBeast Made SQUID GAME so you should watch that too if you haven't.. Also Donate to TeamSeas duh

$1 Donated = 1 Pound Of Trash Out Of The Ocean -

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  1. MrBeast


  2. OwO

    Yeah, I find this 95% accurate. Only problem is that the hat wasn't big enough.

  3. Aman Studios
    Aman Studios

    I love how Jimmy's hat just gradually gets

  4. Saltz

    I feel the more charities he creates, the bigger the hat gets.

  5. Not Kris from Deltarune
    Not Kris from Deltarune

    Could anyone think that there would be an alternative timeline where Jimmy could actually do this kinda stuff?

  6. Leo Stoutt
    Leo Stoutt

    I like the fact that everyone knows that Mr.Beast can actually do this

  7. kozy
    28 päeva tagasi

    You should make a video of Mark Rober making a glitterbomb for package thieves except its an actual bomb. Or it automatically shoots bullets at thieves.

  8. Shalz

    this video is the only reason i will be donating.

  9. N1K0

    Still solving overpopulation, this guy's an absolute genius

  10. Fancy Meat Grinder
    Fancy Meat Grinder

    I love how Chris looks like he still has the PTSD of seeing Jimmy shoot Karl in the last animation you did

  11. Jamal Bourne
    Jamal Bourne

    How nice of Mr. Beast to end his suffering like that.

  12. LocalPlasmid

    I love the little things like how in the beginning Chris is scared of Jimmy even before he revealed the litterer because he was in the squid game thing.

  13. Hino-sama
    14 päeva tagasi

    Gotta give props to the voice acting in this one. My favorite part is when Jimmy is like, "Aww, now you're making ME wanna cry..." and the litterer dude slowly looks up at him in disbelief with a stuttered, lightly gasping, "..w-w-whaaaa...?" Like, it really conveys how absolutely insane Jimmy is, and how devastated that idiot must be at that point. Brilliant work here!

  14. Ice Creamy
    Ice Creamy

    Wow, I love how the topic constantly changes, first from "Go Team Seas" to a guy trying his best to save his and best friend's life to risking it all for an iPhone


    This really gives me that meatcanyon vibe when Jimmy's voice suddenly got serious

  16. TheC1994

    These animations are damn good, keep up the good work. And seeing Mr. Beast has watched this as well, damn that is awesome.

  17. Hellhoundette

    I love how his hat gets significantly larger throughout the animation.

  18. Hannah Bachiller
    Hannah Bachiller
    28 päeva tagasi

    I'm glad a lot of EEpulsers famous or not are participating in this campaign. Let us help each other and make this world a better, cleaner, and greener planet!

  19. CoDeR581

    I love the fact that Chris is awkwardly standing there with a tramatized face and Carl is not even here cause of the events of the last animation

  20. Giorgi Turmanidze
    Giorgi Turmanidze

    I never thought I could be more afraid of Jimmy.