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    thankyou for the video, hope, all okay.

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    0:29 É o Dilera???? Kkkkkkk

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    The dog at 1:40 has been watching the vid at 1:07....

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    Nice collection

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    some of them are just fu*king stupid

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    6:44 if you looking for this :)

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    I want the same cat toy

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    Dude at 4:58 looks like David Koresh

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    6:47 step bro I'm stuck!

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    7:28wap lol

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    The lady sliding down that rail was laughing but she was so close to breaking her neck. Falling directly onto to the concrete on an angle without any bracing.

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    The very first one almost killed me🤣

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    New Information
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    The first dog is very smart... wanted in on the selfie.

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    @2:37 thats exactly what encountering God looks like

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    "You had one job. ONE..........F**KING............JOB!!!!!!!"

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    That’s fucked when home got tricked into punching himself

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    6:44 help stepbro I'm stuck in the cat toy

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    8:16 "If I'm going down...I'm taking YOU with me!"

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    7:18 "What do you think? Should I use ONE box of laundry soap, or TWO?"

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    No Body
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    4:38 Yeah, its funny--but at the same time it was pretty impressive...especially the microphone recovery. On a scale of 1-10 and considering the goof, I would still give it a 6.5. Comparing it to what I could do MYSELF... I'd have to give a 12.0!

  33. Darrell Cook
    Darrell Cook
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    roflmao @ 0:29

  34. Camilo Fernández Pacios
    Camilo Fernández Pacios
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    La IDIOTEZ masiva Planetaria llega a límites insospechados. Sin duda, regresaremos al mono.

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    Omg the baby at 3:30ish, so freaking adorable!

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    да, с физподготовкой у них совсем плохо(у всех).

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    La vida es bella!

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    9:11 requesting air support in zone 34.

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    5:46 Estonian Cruise Ship

  44. Ezaarkash
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    For those of you who got hurt, did you enjoy it? DO it again!! 6:45 - Hi...call me

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    "This is what encountering god looks like".Yeah,a total headfuck Lol.

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    0:16 girl be like thank god they are big 😂

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    Apparently 27 million people had a bad day

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      27 million came for this 6:45

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    6:45 Her : (╯︵╰,) stepbro help me please o(╥﹏╥)o Stepbro: (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) sure thing ( ̄ω ̄)

  52. jack diaz
    jack diaz
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    Her : (╯︵╰,) stepbro help me please o(╥﹏╥)o Stepbro: (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) sure thing ( ̄ω ̄)

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    That Guy
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    5:38 I love how impressed with herself she is lmao!

  56. Marco Antonio Aguilar Pacheco
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    Hay mamita quieres saber porque me dicen el burro?

  57. Marco Antonio Aguilar Pacheco
    Marco Antonio Aguilar Pacheco
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    Genuine Comments
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    Never heard of Farmer John on Pizza what is it 😂

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    Thumbnail : Stepbro am stucked

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    Greg Berechree
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    1.13 or so is when I guy finally decides that they all deserve it and to give into his wicked urges... just like a song on repeat he can still hear them laughing now. Oh how they had ridiculed him. Little did they know horrors like those he would show them. **Seriously something seemed look like it twiged like the flick to the face, the eyes, the look like another humiliating defeat.

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    Robert Crump
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    The best one from my view was 6:45

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    6:45 Where's step-dad when you need him most?

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    Haizel Dawn
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    Haizel Dawn
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    4:37... Somthing not right. She go brainless there for a minute? Dam.. I know it's bad too.. Iv got it bad. She was ither just being dumb, or has terrible ADD.. Dreaming is for sleep my friend..

  69. Haizel Dawn
    Haizel Dawn
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    Dont trust slow old people. There pretending to be slow so they can accidentally hit people at all the right moments.

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    Go to a happy place
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    Jaa nee iss klaa
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    6:46 Thumbnail , and a great opportunity for someone ;)

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      carlsagan lives
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      It's simply foreplay for this wacky couple, prelude to a 'catf**k'.

  88. monmixer
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    The guy trying to unload appliances by himself is priceless. Refrigerators have wheels. Sadly he likely got blamed for it instead of the cheap asses that hired him instead of a legit mover.

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    Cinferno Productions
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