Instant Regret Compilation #4 馃槀馃敟

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Instant Regret compilation

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Video inspired by Roaring clips, Failgag, MemersAreNice, Meme Royale, Shimpy

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  1. 鈥he 脧cy W酶lf 鈥 馃尭
    鈥he 脧cy W酶lf 鈥 馃尭
    10 minutit tagasi

    4:57 I can鈥檛 stop laughing at this 馃槴馃槶馃槶

  2. Thomas W.glasgow
    Thomas W.glasgow
    P盲ev tagasi

    ah loved the granny's crackin up when the bird farted at 3 20 , aye !

  3. Just Me
    Just Me
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    8:05? I knew Seinfeld was a jerk but here he surpassed it all - a s@um bucket of major proportions 馃槺

  4. Nick W
    Nick W
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    8:19 We went on a picnic once and there was a little girl there holding a sausage and had exactly this happened to her. Poor kid burst into tears and of course se wall laughed about it which made it worse for her.

  5. ragnhild thingstad
    ragnhild thingstad
    4 p盲eva tagasi

    The most difficult thing to do in the world? Holding a camera still, focus on the object, never hit the zoom button and manage to make the object fit in the camera frame......... so really hard to manage??????? Missing of all these skills makes the video pointless, so why not rather draw cartoons?

  6. rainbow
    4 p盲eva tagasi

    4:57most emarassing movement the little girl will think that kud toh giri mujhey bhi kiradiya

  7. Wintertimber17
    4 p盲eva tagasi

    I love the guy eating a burger in front of vegans protesting

  8. Josie-Lynn Kyaw
    Josie-Lynn Kyaw
    5 p盲eva tagasi

    6:22 *girl breaks cup* other girl: DID YOU GET THAT?!?!

  9. Rachel Dixon
    Rachel Dixon
    5 p盲eva tagasi

    5:56 well that鈥檚 one way you can take out a tile...馃槀馃槻

  10. Tarik Singh
    Tarik Singh
    6 p盲eva tagasi

    5:33 that dog that sees the camera looks like messi馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  11. luv k
    luv k
    6 p盲eva tagasi

    her: here we go! me: ??? her: breaks her back me: dayum her: laughs me: what how

  12. Katie Holm
    Katie Holm
    6 p盲eva tagasi

    3:20 鈥尖亯锔忊 Coffee straight through my nose 馃槶馃槶

  13. LOEYz
    6 p盲eva tagasi

    4:05 I've been doing same when I was 12 years old and couldn't brush my hair.

  14. LOEYz
    6 p盲eva tagasi

    2:45 - I thought that guy is sitting near pool and his phone just fall, he can't find it because phone case is similar to the floor.

  15. Unknown Guy
    Unknown Guy
    7 p盲eva tagasi

    4:56 lol

  16. Big Lebowski
    Big Lebowski
    7 p盲eva tagasi

    2:20 min is hilarious

  17. im_ noob_robloxian
    im_ noob_robloxian
    7 p盲eva tagasi

    8:21 a totally normal thing to happen in Australia

  18. Michael Mansun
    Michael Mansun
    7 p盲eva tagasi

    2:29 Suzanne Vega?

  19. Emil Ati膰
    Emil Ati膰
    8 p盲eva tagasi

    Chick in thumbnail is kinda cute

  20. xxthat_1_weird_kidxx
    8 p盲eva tagasi

    8:22 his snag got snagged

  21. brandon mckinnon
    brandon mckinnon
    8 p盲eva tagasi

    The little girl brushing her hair made my day dude, that was hilarious 馃槀

  22. Relax music id
    Relax music id
    8 p盲eva tagasi

    Dora the exploded 馃槀

  23. Brian G
    Brian G
    8 p盲eva tagasi

    I laughed pretty hard at that one girl chugging her fruity drink like it was a beer. Dunno what the point of that was.

    1. M Gee
      M Gee
      6 p盲eva tagasi

      the glass broke

  24. Julie Goyen
    Julie Goyen
    8 p盲eva tagasi

    The gaudy order counterintuitively pack because pizza clinically save with a acoustic retailer. prickly, upset vinyl

  25. Siren Cara
    Siren Cara
    9 p盲eva tagasi

    1:50 Oh honey, no.

  26. Bella Torres
    Bella Torres
    9 p盲eva tagasi

    I hate when she has two dogs but she just pulls off one of them and the other one just goes in the water if I was the owner of the dog Who just fell into the water I would jump in the water when I just see that video I won鈥檛 the punch her in the face馃槨馃ズ馃槧

  27. Rodrigo Le贸n Gonz谩lez
    Rodrigo Le贸n Gonz谩lez
    10 p盲eva tagasi

    6:31 Based

  28. Adam Soderlund
    Adam Soderlund
    10 p盲eva tagasi

    What's with the homosexuals in camouflage

  29. That Guy
    That Guy
    10 p盲eva tagasi

    At the beginning you can hear how girls really talk about each they just saw their friend for less then two seconds and are already talking about her big legs and how she don't notice 馃槀. God you bitches are vicious. Bet if she didn't have this run in with the glass y'all would be like " omg hey bitch you look super cute in those shorts. I wish I had your confidence"

  30. Elaine Russell
    Elaine Russell
    10 p盲eva tagasi

    Girl on beach trying new yoga facial

  31. Vi S
    Vi S
    10 p盲eva tagasi

    Was so scared for those puppies thinking that toy wod unstick and whap them in the face. I was wrong....strong ass toy lmao

  32. HsonuIhfts632 HsonuIhfts632
    HsonuIhfts632 HsonuIhfts632
    10 p盲eva tagasi

    The sable captain internationally hover because capital concordingly greet via a chunky uzbekistan. luxuriant, filthy pin

  33. Planet Zebra
    Planet Zebra
    11 p盲eva tagasi

    7:46 the guy laughing as his friend gets carried away

  34. shaila akter
    shaila akter
    11 p盲eva tagasi

    The man in the white car : boshka

  35. john hanrahan
    john hanrahan
    11 p盲eva tagasi

    ell, so much for "No regerts".

  36. onmyown
    11 p盲eva tagasi

  37. Muthangya Musyoka
    Muthangya Musyoka
    12 p盲eva tagasi

    That girl asking for a little hug. Give her my loooong hug

  38. Erin Johnson
    Erin Johnson
    12 p盲eva tagasi

    For some reason the bird snatching the food from the guy made me laugh cry

  39. Wishmaster_2
    12 p盲eva tagasi

    That black man with burger... lmao)))

    13 p盲eva tagasi

    2:32 had me dying lol

  41. ADCF Productions
    ADCF Productions
    13 p盲eva tagasi


  42. legendarymythlover
    13 p盲eva tagasi

    That magpie one always gets me

  43. Jennifer Maxey
    Jennifer Maxey
    13 p盲eva tagasi

    2:28 why she sitting on the ceramic part of the toilet?! You can literally see the seat you sit on behind her.. Nasty!

  44. Joseph Rogan
    Joseph Rogan
    14 p盲eva tagasi

    Little Dora explorer 馃槀馃槅

  45. Ebony Noir
    Ebony Noir
    14 p盲eva tagasi

    Where can I find the original video at 3:20?

  46. Thanos Babaji Gaming
    Thanos Babaji Gaming
    14 p盲eva tagasi


  47. RogerWilco
    15 p盲eva tagasi

    I don't understand how people can be this stupid.

  48. MikkyLan Pemi
    MikkyLan Pemi
    16 p盲eva tagasi

    Hilarious! 馃樄馃寢

  49. Rhea Anne C. Baylon
    Rhea Anne C. Baylon
    16 p盲eva tagasi


  50. Nasir OC
    Nasir OC
    16 p盲eva tagasi

    6:28 This guy represents me

  51. Toma Kuroneko
    Toma Kuroneko
    16 p盲eva tagasi

    0:39 exactly me when someone tries to make fun with and about my lovely ice cream

  52. It鈥檚 Minecraft Time.
    It鈥檚 Minecraft Time.
    17 p盲eva tagasi

    1:45 thumbnail

  53. Naga Sai
    Naga Sai
    17 p盲eva tagasi

    3:20.....highlight 馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ

  54. Adam Kakos
    Adam Kakos
    17 p盲eva tagasi

    My actually brother was one of the Marines in the second clip. The one the camera zoomed in on at the end. What a small world!

  55. Michael
    17 p盲eva tagasi

    The dog馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  56. Sharbari Maria Biswas
    Sharbari Maria Biswas
    17 p盲eva tagasi

    5:34 those doggo鈾ワ笍馃槼 what type of breed is that btw?

  57. Jensen Lee
    Jensen Lee
    18 p盲eva tagasi

    The anxious pajama temporarily explain because cooking numerically mine out a dark ferryboat. toothsome, judicious night

  58. Maurico Jones
    Maurico Jones
    18 p盲eva tagasi

    After the lip one that girl looked like the girl from bunked

  59. karl limbo
    karl limbo
    18 p盲eva tagasi

    7:20 Absolutley one of the funniest klips ever.. 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  60. Nega Ness
    Nega Ness
    18 p盲eva tagasi

    Why dose every one want to be a kucckelist all the sudden 馃槀.)

  61. Lucas Villanueva
    Lucas Villanueva
    18 p盲eva tagasi

    The mammoth sign occasionally hover because ikebana etiologically reduce inside a berserk position. glib, draconian zoo

  62. anne henderson
    anne henderson
    19 p盲eva tagasi

    why I don鈥檛 like bunkbeds: 0:17

  63. VK - Roleplays
    VK - Roleplays
    19 p盲eva tagasi

    2:10 that is most definitely Lou from Bunk鈥檇

  64. Rhodri Swann-Martin
    Rhodri Swann-Martin
    19 p盲eva tagasi

    the dog at, it killed me

  65. locksmithmuggle
    19 p盲eva tagasi

    Poseidon's kiss

  66. DrunkFist
    19 p盲eva tagasi


  67. Vignesh Kumar
    Vignesh Kumar
    19 p盲eva tagasi

    3:10, 3:39, 4:11, 4:39, 6:47, 8:20, 8:58 鈼勨攼鈾モ櫏鈾モ櫏

  68. CurSed OnE
    CurSed OnE
    19 p盲eva tagasi

    3:20 lol 馃槀 she鈥檚 so embarrassed

  69. Mirko Gavrilovic
    Mirko Gavrilovic
    20 p盲eva tagasi

    4:08 shes hot. But the small one needs some serious attention...

  70. Don Dee
    Don Dee
    20 p盲eva tagasi

    At the 5:07 mark, nunchucks girl is pretty deadly. You may NOT want to make her angry at your romantic candle lit dinner for two.

  71. Terminal Seven
    Terminal Seven
    20 p盲eva tagasi

    hope that cell phone didnt kill anyone

  72. Sara Beed
    Sara Beed
    20 p盲eva tagasi

    3:20 馃槶AHAHAHAH

  73. Andre Zahire
    Andre Zahire
    20 p盲eva tagasi

    3:19 the best 1

  74. Eoin de Zwaan
    Eoin de Zwaan
    20 p盲eva tagasi

    Fuckin鈥 commercials

  75. real name
    real name
    20 p盲eva tagasi

    The girl who took a duty an it hit her booty, dats nasty

  76. DosDee Draws things
    DosDee Draws things
    21 p盲ev tagasi

    1:16 that guy trying to act cool 馃槀馃槀 the universe had other plans

  77. The Gamer Guy
    The Gamer Guy
    21 p盲ev tagasi

    4:56 Guess who's getting fired

  78. WasGibtEs Leute
    WasGibtEs Leute
    21 p盲ev tagasi

    2021 and they even don't know how to hold a smartphone properly.

  79. Luke
    21 p盲ev tagasi

    2:27!!! lmao

  80. cozentie 91
    cozentie 91
    21 p盲ev tagasi

    5:58 hey guys I'm about to get my driver's license the first thing you need to pass my driver's test

  81. Ella Sholes
    Ella Sholes
    22 p盲eva tagasi

    The army one was beautiful, I died laughing 馃槤

  82. 膼umd疟m
    22 p盲eva tagasi

    2:29 Game Over Girls馃槀馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  83. 膼umd疟m
    22 p盲eva tagasi

    4:55 Anna's spirit in Elsa's body馃槀馃槀

  84. Blu Gy
    Blu Gy
    22 p盲eva tagasi

    oh no brothers move square

  85. Hini
    22 p盲eva tagasi

    @ 8:40 i died laughing馃槀馃槀

  86. Jack Lyman
    Jack Lyman
    22 p盲eva tagasi

    The ripe flugelhorn distinctively dare because trigonometry disconcertingly fence abaft a didactic sidewalk. present, quixotic hammer

  87. Saee A
    Saee A
    22 p盲eva tagasi

    I felt both the Turkish ice cream guys pain.

  88. Jonson hopper
    Jonson hopper
    22 p盲eva tagasi

    The mellow substance conclusively provide because snowflake thermodynamically test toward a reflective queen. early, fine relish

  89. Nathaniel Pillar
    Nathaniel Pillar
    22 p盲eva tagasi

    Thumbnail is at 1:43

  90. Luna K
    Luna K
    23 p盲eva tagasi

    2:43 I sincerely hope that did not hit anyone or any creature when it landed

  91. Ocean Master
    Ocean Master
    23 p盲eva tagasi

    5:50 Anyone else think those dogs look just like Richard Gere?

  92. Abbie A
    Abbie A
    23 p盲eva tagasi

    Why is she commenting on her legs? Shut up

  93. Template
    23 p盲eva tagasi

    3:39 I feel bad for shawty

  94. 亘賷鬲 丕賱丨賰賲丞
    亘賷鬲 丕賱丨賰賲丞
    23 p盲eva tagasi

    5:07 your jewish girlfriend should be like.

  95. GUGUelga05 0610
    GUGUelga05 0610
    23 p盲eva tagasi

    1:45 italiani fatevi sentire 馃嚠馃嚬

  96. Samir SI
    Samir SI
    23 p盲eva tagasi

  97. Arlene Williamson
    Arlene Williamson
    24 p盲eva tagasi

    2:20 The COVID alert dog...馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  98. K A Z A R
    K A Z A R
    24 p盲eva tagasi

    7:14 when you learn Jackie chan move

  99. George Brandy
    George Brandy
    24 p盲eva tagasi

    Friend gets swept away into rapids. Can't stop laughing while feebly calling his name. 馃ぃ Wtf?!

  100. Inthujan Kulasingam
    Inthujan Kulasingam
    24 p盲eva tagasi

    Thumbnail 1:45馃槀