TikTok "Interviews" are Insufferable

Kurtis Conner
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The "man on the street" interview format on TikTok is probably the worst genre of internet content...so this week we watched a bunch of them.


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comment "helicopter :)" if ur reading this


  1. Wynter
    19 minutit tagasi

    Helicopter 🚁 💖

  2. Satori
    Tund tagasi

    Kurtis I love you bro but please cut the mullet, my eyes are burning and I cant find a way to make it stop. My memory has been tainted by the thought of your mullet, i have now scheduled an appointment with a mad doctor to get my brain surgically removed, I will be no longer living because I cant take it anymore, you're mullet must go, just like my brain is going to a mad scientist

  3. The Alex Reyes
    The Alex Reyes
    Tund tagasi

    Bruh you’re the goat ive watched for ages now and every vid just cracks me up too bad. I’m a security guard and they could have a compilation of me cracking up to your vids lmao

  4. YummyCrackerZ
    2 tundi tagasi

    As a current middle schooler I’d like to say, comparing his humor to our’s is a bit insulting; I think you missed the mark on age by a few years.

  5. Mel
    2 tundi tagasi

    5:15 was that danny's charli voice

  6. Bontle Theo
    Bontle Theo
    2 tundi tagasi

    Describing his outfit as a "lost child at a water park" is so perfect 😂

  7. Lanana
    2 tundi tagasi

    I never thought that I'd hear a serbian song in a kurtis video

  8. Lila McKay
    Lila McKay
    2 tundi tagasi

    kurtis’ appearance is giving very much eshay vibes today, the fluro shirt, the mullet, the moustache

  9. Lila McKay
    Lila McKay
    2 tundi tagasi

    helicopter :)

  10. Jasmina Abdiu
    Jasmina Abdiu
    3 tundi tagasi

    my biggest pride and joy is that Kurtis used a balkan song in his video. my life is complete now.

  11. pj
    4 tundi tagasi

    that overdone, annoying, obnoxious transphobia still hurts so bad every time. no matter how many idiots i hear say it or how casually it’s thrown around, it still hurts.

  12. Bonnie Gomez
    Bonnie Gomez
    4 tundi tagasi

    "can you make me laugh to prove that girls are funny?" me: "can you walk away to prove that not all men are harassers?"

  13. Pable Today
    Pable Today
    5 tundi tagasi

    Dude collab with jontron someday

  14. Danielle Rounds
    Danielle Rounds
    6 tundi tagasi

    Why would he post these?😅😩 Tiketok being like this scares me for my kids because idk if its just TikTok showcasing this stuff or more of the population being shitty in the younger generations.. either way its a horrible influence on the kids(& even the adults) on the app & normalizes a lot of messed up shit,.

  15. afterelia
    6 tundi tagasi

    the dad took helicopter parent to another level

  16. ALEC !!
    ALEC !!
    6 tundi tagasi

    i cannot focus on the actual content with your shirt's reflexion on your chin HELP

  17. Ars puella
    Ars puella
    6 tundi tagasi

    I was one of those kids who rubbed my nose like THAT.....accurate

  18. thestopwatch
    8 tundi tagasi

    13:00 the Rocket League music

  19. Ana S.
    Ana S.
    8 tundi tagasi

    Damn… this one turned out really well😂

  20. duck telepathy
    duck telepathy
    8 tundi tagasi

    Can we talk about how classic it is of Kurtis to be making green screen content while in a hotel room on tour?

  21. Shay
    9 tundi tagasi

    Literally doing gods work

  22. Ileana B. Jones
    Ileana B. Jones
    9 tundi tagasi

    I’m going to start telling people they’re a bit from their moms.

  23. Shay
    9 tundi tagasi

    This is therapy.

  24. Overcrow 0303
    Overcrow 0303
    9 tundi tagasi

    6:59 had me crying LOL

  25. Beeshrine
    9 tundi tagasi

    Kurtis is at his best when he brings the hear

  26. shannon
    10 tundi tagasi

    isn't he embarrassed to exist like this lol

  27. Suzette
    10 tundi tagasi

    lmfao I love the rupaul reference🤣 if this dude wanted to laugh he should have looked down his pants

  28. Lavender
    11 tundi tagasi

    "You will be gay, sorry"

  29. Giulianna Raugust
    Giulianna Raugust
    11 tundi tagasi

    you can take a break, mr. mayor. we can be patient.

  30. Sara Deemon
    Sara Deemon
    13 tundi tagasi

    usa curling team 🤣🤣

  31. asioe kiou
    asioe kiou
    14 tundi tagasi

    he’s amazing

  32. human person
    human person
    14 tundi tagasi

    i knew from the moment devon said the helicopter thing that there would be a callback to the memphis hat. i was not disappointed. i'm very proud of you kurtis 🤍

  33. Michaela Niva
    Michaela Niva
    14 tundi tagasi

    I like your tiktok videos!

  34. Jack Mehov
    Jack Mehov
    15 tundi tagasi

    I mean not to many sports fans wears the hat of their rival team that is in the same town, would a Maple Leafs fan wear a Canadiens jersey or hat?

  35. Cruz Ledet
    Cruz Ledet
    15 tundi tagasi

    I laughed on 20 different occasions

  36. DeadCactus
    15 tundi tagasi

    It's weird how people make content of being sexist and people will see this as proof that women aren't funny.

  37. blank
    16 tundi tagasi

    So you are wearing a Florida short? Name 3 states in Florida

  38. AeStHeTiC
    16 tundi tagasi

    Helicopter :)

  39. Nini
    17 tundi tagasi

    i think it was funny she was wearing the hat because the ny yankees & ny mets have a rivalry, so it was a little ironic. but still, who cares lol. it’s not that serious like you said.

  40. Logan C
    Logan C
    18 tundi tagasi

    jimmy kimmel asking people on the street to have sex with him is a good simile for this topic

  41. glitchWitch
    19 tundi tagasi

    im so ridiculously proud of the girls in his videos. talk about keeping their integrity and really responding in a way that shows his ass. i feel like i would just freeze up and get upset if someone did that to me

  42. Terry Davis
    Terry Davis
    20 tundi tagasi

    Thats not true. There are gays that have always been gay but then there are dudes who were straight and got fucked over by women so hard that they turned gay. Same thing happens with women with bed death.

  43. Raina Yan
    Raina Yan
    21 tund tagasi

    The skits in this video were unhinged. I very much enjoyed it thanks Kurtis

  44. mattmo317
    21 tund tagasi

    Mets and the Yankees are pretty hardcore rivals, that's why it is a little silly that she says she's a Mets fan. A real Mets fan would never wear a Yankees hat.

  45. Asta Maisha
    Asta Maisha
    21 tund tagasi

    That mom roast was haaaaard

  46. Strinity0-0
    22 tundi tagasi

    helicopter :)

  47. Poodn
    22 tundi tagasi

    He fuckin... Did he just... Attack helicopter joke??? In 2021?

  48. Bagel Universe
    Bagel Universe
    22 tundi tagasi

    Kurtis showed no mercy on this guy - do it again

  49. Anya Samiljan
    Anya Samiljan
    22 tundi tagasi

    Kurtis Conner is what I want all male feminists to be like

  50. slabofbutter
    23 tundi tagasi

    kurtis dressing like a middle school boy

  51. slabofbutter
    23 tundi tagasi

    kurtis dressing like a middle school boy

  52. Glass and Sprinkles
    Glass and Sprinkles
    Päev tagasi

    Interviewing a group of people on their opinion ("how many genders are there?") would normally be seen as a way of collecting data to inform people of the general opinion of a specific area.... not a way to tell people their opinion is wrong. (Unless you state otherwise, which i'm guessing this guy failed to give any context of his intentions to any of these people). Also out of curiosity, would calling yourself a helicopter or any kind of inanimate object even be considered a gender or that more of an association of species? Since the sexuality's of that person (unless stated otherwise) would then be assumed to be in a void spectrum (sorry, I don't want to assume that it would be considered "them/they") since inanimate items don't have genders. I am very curious of this lol

  53. The Echoler
    The Echoler
    Päev tagasi

    The helicopter joke was slightly funny the first time I heard it in 2016. I was also in 8th or 9th grade when I heard it

  54. Matthijs Mazereeuw
    Matthijs Mazereeuw
    Päev tagasi

    If someone says they're a hellicopter, just reply with "oh sure, what are your pronouns". watch them being so confused

  55. daniel
    Päev tagasi

    bro busted out the helicopter joke LMAO

  56. aliciugh
    Päev tagasi

    that dude is dressed like a side character from outer banks

  57. PMAGIC275
    Päev tagasi

    16:54 that was all time good one bro 😂

  58. Luca.drama22
    Päev tagasi

    Loving the game Theorist comment in a quick second he's one of favorites along with you ofc

  59. TenWingedPigeon
    Päev tagasi

    I have an Auburn, Alabama sweatshirt and I have never been in anywhere in Alabama

  60. Top 10 Family Guy Clips Daily
    Top 10 Family Guy Clips Daily
    Päev tagasi

    Why did you steal fantanos moustache?

  61. Isabella Torrance
    Isabella Torrance
    Päev tagasi

    this is the first kurtis video i’ve stopped watchin… seems so angry,,,

  62. Mae Kennedy
    Mae Kennedy
    Päev tagasi

    I just broke my phone and you made me smile :) thanks

  63. Mrssheldon _YT
    Mrssheldon _YT
    Päev tagasi

    “You know what? women are funny. Your mom was funny enough to push out a bozo like you into this world.”

  64. Rayne Kent
    Rayne Kent
    Päev tagasi

    I love that shirt kurtis...now take it off and burn it

  65. Ivy Magaña
    Ivy Magaña
    Päev tagasi

    Excuse me, but I did not CHOOSE the thot life. It chose me

  66. Allison Jensen
    Allison Jensen
    Päev tagasi

    I can't with the helicopter song😭

  67. Lunarmy 13
    Lunarmy 13
    Päev tagasi

    Also uhh Kurtis I know what your saying here buddy but Peaky Blinders is on American Netflix

  68. nina lopez
    nina lopez
    Päev tagasi

    i am deeply unsettled by how deep kurtis' voice sounds in this

  69. Sierra Mathes
    Sierra Mathes
    Päev tagasi

    Featuring mama ru sent me

  70. Aidan Lalmansingh
    Aidan Lalmansingh
    Päev tagasi

    This is your funniest video, the comedy is on point

  71. coffee's doodles
    coffee's doodles
    Päev tagasi


  72. Dead Hendrix
    Dead Hendrix
    Päev tagasi

    People actually watch this guy? I feel like his followers are bought

  73. Saturn Fisher
    Saturn Fisher
    Päev tagasi

    High art

  74. rae
    Päev tagasi

    helicopter :)

  75. Big Man
    Big Man
    Päev tagasi

    Forgive me, for I have sinned. I have made the helicopter joke before. I KNOW I’M SORRY. My dad is transphobic, sexist, racist, and all the normal far-right shit. He left an impression on me, and because of that I have said some bad things in the past because I wanted to be like him. I have since learnt my mistakes and I apologize greatly for them. I shall never say it again I SWEAR.

    1. stale fries
      stale fries
      21 tund tagasi

      character development

  76. Maggie Hall
    Maggie Hall
    Päev tagasi

    helicopter :)

  77. Cryo
    Päev tagasi

    Kurtis is the only man with a mullet and a mustache that I’d trust with my drink

  78. Sabrina Shultz
    Sabrina Shultz
    Päev tagasi

    The carnival video is giving me unexplainable Spanish textbook vibes

  79. Lauren Ann
    Lauren Ann
    Päev tagasi

    I was literally asked the gay son/thot daughter question by two random girls on their snap story in a sheetz at like 2 am when I was stoned out of my mind last week

  80. La Larinla
    La Larinla
    Päev tagasi

    Kurtis is fucking hilarious, I love it when he roasts people who absolutely deserve it he leaves NO crumbs

  81. Oliksplays
    Päev tagasi

    Can someone edit something funny on his green screen shirt?

  82. Destiny 64
    Destiny 64
    Päev tagasi

    literally someone did that Metallica thing like it was stupid lmao

  83. JayWren Steele
    JayWren Steele
    Päev tagasi

    people will make the helicopter joke and when you roll your eyes will be like "aha are you offended? did i offend you?" no brian, im just tired. why would i expend any energy being offended by something as low-hanging as that? I've already wasted enough oxygen simply by breathing during this conversation rather than while doing something more worthwhile and less painful, like perhaps pulling every single strand of hair out of my head one by one. in conclusion, im exhausted, transphobes need better jokes i am begging at this point

  84. Maddie B.
    Maddie B.
    Päev tagasi

    Dudes like this have the same interview tactics as Kaitlyn Bennet. They ambush unsuspecting people, catch them off guard and act like they're dunking on them because they weren't prepared to answer random ass questions.

  85. Colir
    Päev tagasi

    Kurtis sips the respect women juice 👌

  86. DirtyPrancing
    Päev tagasi

    I saw this dude in Nashville and he totally was sick. I hope he's feeling better now, poor baby having to do stand up with a cough during covid times. That sucks an unholy amount

  87. paula
    Päev tagasi

    Why does the way he argues remind me of kaitlin bennett trying to force some hard Statement out of random people😅

  88. paula
    Päev tagasi

    The guy actually said that He would not laugh because "girls aren't funny". He approched them just wanting to prove his point. That seems pathetic and Also kind of aggressive. Like dude, how can you be so invested in the idea that girls aren't funny?

  89. Mia Kamradt
    Mia Kamradt
    Päev tagasi

    the girls in the matching pink and yellow sweaters passed the vibe check

  90. kaydenpat
    Päev tagasi

    Is being a helicopter a gender? I thought he asked about genders?

  91. Rosie Francis-Rogerson
    Rosie Francis-Rogerson
    Päev tagasi

    Get rid of that tash!!

  92. wuoi zuiu
    wuoi zuiu
    Päev tagasi

    As a non-binary person, it warms my heart to see how angry Kurtis got at the helicopter "joke"

  93. Eva Pace
    Eva Pace
    Päev tagasi

    don was a whole jumpscare

  94. a
    Päev tagasi

    0:20 shaun from the good doctor??