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We went back into the FailArmy vault to pull out some awesome throwbacks. Enjoy some classic redneck fails, funny kids, and some hysterical workout fails. Have a video of your own? Submit it to

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Father Makes Painful DIY Waterslide
Man Jumps Through a Crowd
Boy Scouts Test DIY Raft
Girl through Glass Table
Guy Through Ice, Friends Save Him Sisters Attempt To Wrestle Guy Goes Bowling
Girl Has Trouble Eating Milkshake After Surgery
Boogie Board Flies out of Control
Kid Drops Cake after It's Finished Cooking
Guy Tries to Do Handstand on Stool
Truck Drives on Highway with Only Three Wheels
Kid Flies off Treadmill
Kid on Scooter Eats the Halfpipe
Kid Attempts Bench Press and Fails
Girl Trying to Walk Up Snowy Hill in Heels
Bike Trick Goes Wrong
Skurfing Gone Wrong Girl While Crossing Stream
Guy Slides Down Mud at Music Festival
Bike Rider Face Plants Into Mud
Baby Wants to Touch Dad's Coffee
Skateboarder Wipes out on Pavement
Skier Tries to Backflip off Ramp
Guy Tries to Throw Leaf Skimmer
Waterskiing Bride Hits the Sand
Truck's Wheel Bounces while Driving on Highway
Drone into Boat and into Waterdial
Girl Flies over Horse's Head
Kid Has Bowling Troubles
Little Brother Steals Sisters Makeup
Girl Drops Birthday Cake
Girl Punches Self in Face Playing Boxing Game
guy trying skateboard trick
Girl Loses Balance on Swegway
Kid Fails To Hit Golfball
Kid Drops Into Ramp on Scooter
Guy Skips Across Water after Barefoot Waterski Fail
Lawn Mower Pulls Car Behind
Golfer Breaks Club on Tree
Off-Road Vehicle Tumbles down Mountain
Dog knocks over bikini girl
Guy Lands On Rail In Between His Legs
Dog off dock
bus Plows Through Seven Cars on Highway
Friends Try to Reenact Famous Dance Scene
Grill explodes
Teens Break Bridge lands in Ditch
Baby Face Plants at Indoor Playground
Dog Trying to Fetch Ball
Drone into Tree
Girl Attempts Three Handsprings Plus a Full but Fails
Dog Runs Headfirst into Step
Paraglider into Trees
Guy Gets Too Close to Wild Seal
New Driver Keeps Stalling
Cat boxes with dog
Reds big fail
Canoe slip
Baby throws up on dog
Man Drops Hot Dog
Motorcyclist Wheelies and at Intersection
Fork Lift Driver Saves Keg
Teen after Bailing Parkour Stunt
Student Swims in Flooded Cardiff Street
Woman Scares Best Friend with Bull Frog


  1. SlashF
    4 aastat tagasi

    When I see Fail Army video 1. Get pumped 2. Watch the video 3. Laugh at the suffering of others 4. Finish the video 5. Go into the comments where people put a time stamp of their favorite part and watch those again

    1. ŞĦƗVÃM
      11 місяців tagasi

      3rd point is not good

    2. Sergio Roman
      Sergio Roman
      11 місяців tagasi


    3. Firegames
      Aasta tagasi

      @مستجدات الساعة yes

    4. Mîkåÿłâ Tãÿłór
      Mîkåÿłâ Tãÿłór
      Aasta tagasi

      And copy and paste the same comment into all the videos!

    5. Eleonora Δ
      Eleonora Δ
      Aasta tagasi

      Are u stalking me? Lol

  2. Ello :D
    Ello :D
    3 päeva tagasi

    The frog just chilling in the last clip wondering what was going on

  3. Michael Myers
    Michael Myers
    4 päeva tagasi

    11:39 that was a great cut amazing!!!!

  4. Christopher Robinson
    Christopher Robinson
    10 päeva tagasi

    7:32 This kid looks so done with life 😂

  5. Warren Cotton
    Warren Cotton
    10 päeva tagasi

    First time I've ever seen someone try to eat a hot dog with a fork.

  6. Billybob Jones
    Billybob Jones
    12 päeva tagasi

    Looks like the dumber the person the more they laugh when they do something stupid.

  7. Bubba Ash
    Bubba Ash
    14 päeva tagasi

    "you can't move like that man" *realises*

  8. Mike Bilalov
    Mike Bilalov
    15 päeva tagasi

    4:35 What actually happened to her?! I hope she didn't die...

  9. John Pineapple
    John Pineapple
    17 päeva tagasi

    Wow 😳😱😱😱😱!!! 4:30

  10. IdahoMusic
    19 päeva tagasi

    Well I want to know did he finish eating that sub?

  11. Wizard Suth
    Wizard Suth
    20 päeva tagasi

    7:47 This is why, if you ask anyone's dad what he liked to do as a teenager, the answer is never "skateboard tricks". (You can work it out.)

  12. M4d DoXzzz
    M4d DoXzzz
    20 päeva tagasi

    I keep wondering why we are seen as the most intelligent species

  13. Sinister Juggalo
    Sinister Juggalo
    Місяць tagasi

    Can any automotive people explain what's going on with that white truck's tire hopping off the road like that?

  14. Nate_bubbles
    Місяць tagasi

    He has no tire still is going faster than you

  15. AndrewVelonis
    Місяць tagasi

    I felt sorry for the one where the cake is dropped as it is being presented. She was making this a special occasion, having planned and rehearsed the event and then it literally falls to pieces.

  16. Moses Mobeta
    Moses Mobeta
    Місяць tagasi

    0:45 a new way of swagger 1:57 the swaggiest pain 2:19 a swagger way to destroying something expensive 2:36 I wish you were my swaggered out lady You are so cute. A 3:14 homie! hows that swaggered out pain in the teeth line feeling? 3:39 swagger boss 4:04 Marinating SWAGGER (4:12 on the search for swagger ? Swagger found!) 4:23 dude did you find your swagger? @5:00 bro are you trying to take away the lily babies swagger away ? Don't worry lil baby you'll always be SWAGGER AND SWAGGED OUT. 5:28 he looks like a good kid please get him a helmet so that he can be more swaggado 6:53 that's a swagged out thought full lil brother just trying to make sure that the make isn't poisoning for his lil sisters skin that's all 8:24 that's a swagged out feeling I've done this before lucky to still be alive Love the pain full on dude full speed on ahead I wouldn't mind getting in on that crash 11:53 even the lil puppy took off on swagger watch bro

  17. Julie Goyen
    Julie Goyen
    Місяць tagasi

    The giant prison comprehensively depend because drain reassuringly alert outside a subsequent plant. deserted, tight cow

  18. Julie Goyen
    Julie Goyen
    Місяць tagasi

    The gabby sushi particularly fence because giraffe putatively tremble notwithstanding a smart snowboarding. hard-to-find, disgusted estimate

  19. manofclockwork production's
    manofclockwork production's
    Місяць tagasi

    That kid with lipstick, absolutely perfect use to make so many toys look horrifying.

  20. D_Schumacher31
    Місяць tagasi

    2:03 Fiat Uno 🤙🔝🇮🇹

  21. dragongeraldb
    Місяць tagasi

    I think Pauli from Rocky said it best" ice is stupid and people standing on ice is even more stupid "

  22. Julie Goyen
    Julie Goyen
    Місяць tagasi

    The satisfying daffodil clasically bomb because trial preferably squeeze down a childlike composer. tall, highfalutin shock

  23. ambakaroo Hispano
    ambakaroo Hispano
    2 місяці tagasi

    4:26 she fall inside a hole with water, shes alive?

  24. Paulette Russell
    Paulette Russell
    2 місяці tagasi

    The sore sundial endogenously flood because aries suddenly whirl but a caring gun. arrogant, childlike bench

  25. shawn laroche
    shawn laroche
    2 місяці tagasi

    The harsh volcano pathohistologically signal because rate bioinformatically time given a cumbersome menu. tame, past latex

  26. Eddie Mullett
    Eddie Mullett
    2 місяці tagasi

    3:43 ....I bet she is a plumber

  27. Funky Fantasia
    Funky Fantasia
    2 місяці tagasi

    How the fuck is HALF of this even funny?!?!?!?

  28. Stephen McKee
    Stephen McKee
    2 місяці tagasi

    4:47 You know it would make it even better if they kept going only to bump into the crowd causing a domino affect of the whole audience falling.

  29. Round Lake Railfan
    Round Lake Railfan
    2 місяці tagasi

    And why are those people laughing when they drop those cakes? That is not funny! That's a waste of perfectly good cake!

  30. Round Lake Railfan
    Round Lake Railfan
    2 місяці tagasi

    That girl with the numb mouth was NOT funny. There's nothing funny about being numb, even if it's just medically induced, or something like that. It's not funny at all, okay? It's just not.

  31. Snowfang00
    2 місяці tagasi

    3:01 this girls is why you can’t have nice things

  32. vaulter001 its truth
    vaulter001 its truth
    3 місяці tagasi

    Chick that went into the water hole is dead😢

  33. Neil Sunstrum
    Neil Sunstrum
    3 місяці tagasi

    Little dog that tried to run with the big ones...head first into a concrete wall, stunned and almost tries to go through it again🤣😆

  34. Christopher Barker
    Christopher Barker
    3 місяці tagasi

    Poor Kyle Jews can't play golf.

  35. Christopher Barker
    Christopher Barker
    3 місяці tagasi

    Look at the woos getten a tatoo

  36. Private Citizen Guy
    Private Citizen Guy
    3 місяці tagasi

    With the windows down and the system up......

  37. 11kDub_playz
    3 місяці tagasi

    10:42 why I don’t want to have a baby

  38. Sam Cooper
    Sam Cooper
    3 місяці tagasi

    no one cares about the girl disappearing forever @4:30? 😰

  39. Spoon Fork
    Spoon Fork
    3 місяці tagasi

    3:06 that laugh lmao

  40. Thunder Up
    Thunder Up
    3 місяці tagasi

    Guy at 5:25 bounced his head of that damn road so hard

  41. rachelreneer56
    3 місяці tagasi

    7:58 Made me mad. The dog wasn't in a safe place so close to the end of the dock. Cammer also says, "there he goes again ":( Sad doggie

  42. rachelreneer56
    3 місяці tagasi

    At 4:26 please tell me what happened to the woman??!! That scared me so bad!

  43. Foggy_Bongwater
    3 місяці tagasi

    @3:21 They see me rollin' They hatin'

  44. India Colley
    India Colley
    4 місяці tagasi

    1:54 guy literally cartwheeled 🤸‍♂️ 🤸‍♂️ 🤸‍♂️ 🤸‍♂️ 🤸‍♂️ 🤸‍♂️ 🤸‍♂️

  45. marqedman1
    4 місяці tagasi

    The kid with the coffee. I can relate

  46. himdafe jimiqdo
    himdafe jimiqdo
    4 місяці tagasi

    The slow building critically destroy because arch problematically destroy behind a lowly plow. outstanding, unhealthy desire

  47. himdafe jimiqdo
    himdafe jimiqdo
    4 місяці tagasi

    The fantastic whale diagnostically spot because cut contemporaneously program versus a purple waiter. therapeutic, fallacious coat

  48. carlos cuasmayan
    carlos cuasmayan
    4 місяці tagasi

    The unaccountable employee subjectively jam because wax phylogenetically dry notwithstanding a tense beech. historical, broad onion

  49. Eva Svensén
    Eva Svensén
    4 місяці tagasi

    Заходим хотя бы 1 раз в 3 дня иначе удалю и не потому что я злая, а потому что когда участники редко заходят, то активность альянса NEMESIS падает и все мы получаем меньше призов ...

  50. Shane
    4 місяці tagasi

    You call that coffee xD?!

  51. Adam theriom
    Adam theriom
    4 місяці tagasi

    5:27 brasil sempre marcando presença

  52. Paul Dozier
    Paul Dozier
    4 місяці tagasi

    5:01 I know your pain, little man.

  53. Lucas Stang
    Lucas Stang
    4 місяці tagasi

    I cant believe that I just saw 2 people die

  54. obcr mann
    obcr mann
    4 місяці tagasi

    That.. Was COFFEE ????

  55. Jodi Newman
    Jodi Newman
    4 місяці tagasi

    The gorgeous south africa partially terrify because russia serologically knock an a material birth. imminent, broad poultry

  56. Nevuela
    4 місяці tagasi

    It's pretty sad that no one here seems at all concerned for the young man who passed out while getting a tattoo. And no, he did not pass out from the pain. That's not how that works. Notice how he's not even flinching. Pain severe enough to make you lose consciousness would have had him literally screaming and writhing in agony first.

    1. Rusty Shunt
      Rusty Shunt
      Місяць tagasi

      WTF are you talking about?

  57. Asher Pfanku
    Asher Pfanku
    4 місяці tagasi

    2:18 and that is why you have a 5-point harness and a roll cage before doing anything stupid with a car

  58. Kat Webel
    Kat Webel
    4 місяці tagasi

    4:33 And that was the last time anyone saw her.

  59. Ninja dos Games
    Ninja dos Games
    4 місяці tagasi

    9:37 someone explain

  60. Michel Lönneberger
    Michel Lönneberger
    4 місяці tagasi

    2:00 my type of humor!

  61. AJ Domonkos
    AJ Domonkos
    4 місяці tagasi

    Did I just watch someone die? 4:27

  62. BassistGuy
    4 місяці tagasi

    0:26 As SOON as he said he felt like he was going to pass out, the tattoo artist should have stopped and let him take a break and get some sugar in his system. I got really light headed when I got my first tattoo and had to take a break.

    1. All Your Base
      All Your Base
      5 päeva tagasi

      @Hey gurl welcome to my crib there wasn’t a joke though

    2. Hey gurl welcome to my crib
      Hey gurl welcome to my crib
      11 päeva tagasi

      Ok chill it's supposed to be funny compilation. Why there is always person who can't take a joke

    3. BassistGuy
      3 місяці tagasi

      @Alexandra Marain very true

    4. Alexandra Marain
      Alexandra Marain
      3 місяці tagasi

      let's not talk about the girl filming not smart enough to react when he fells

  63. kot kot
    kot kot
    4 місяці tagasi

    2:02 Where is that place, beautiful views

  64. Anthony Wolf
    Anthony Wolf
    4 місяці tagasi

    7:26 ptsd in it's truest form

  65. spyro cynder
    spyro cynder
    4 місяці tagasi

    0:30 was that darl dixion?

  66. Symi
    4 місяці tagasi

    1:22 siema polacy XD

  67. Grammar Gestapo
    Grammar Gestapo
    4 місяці tagasi

    Awesome captions on EEpulse all around. He has no tire on his car(truck) YT caps (your cake is higher) 🙄

  68. Grammar Gestapo
    Grammar Gestapo
    4 місяці tagasi

    Lmao. Passing out from a tattoo, that's sad man

  69. John-Del
    4 місяці tagasi

    10:48 It's a freaking hot dog!! Even the British Royals don't use a fork!!!!

  70. I like dogs
    I like dogs
    4 місяці tagasi

    6:47 That kid was like I know I’m caught, and there’s no getting out of this😂😂

  71. Tiago Goncalves
    Tiago Goncalves
    5 місяців tagasi

    2:20 Ace Ventura parking stile.

  72. Anubhav Pal
    Anubhav Pal
    5 місяців tagasi

    6:54 that's baby joker

  73. Кот Леопольд
    Кот Леопольд
    5 місяців tagasi

    Ну тупые... 🤣

  74. Harrison Smetana
    Harrison Smetana
    5 місяців tagasi

    a lot of the dog clips on this channel prove that dogs are the ideal pet

  75. Urnd Fdj
    Urnd Fdj
    5 місяців tagasi

    The delicious bicycle typically change because peer-to-peer legally pass after a sordid piano. exotic, polite servant

  76. kpopisthebest
    5 місяців tagasi

    6:24. people to ride a horse dont put ur dumbass on its neck

  77. Luis Flores
    Luis Flores
    5 місяців tagasi

    The separate feather exceptionally stare because clerk posteriorly spill during a beautiful margin. bad, billowy beam

  78. SeriousHex
    5 місяців tagasi

    Baby Vomits on dog: "Aww, poor dog." Man drops hot dog: "Aww, poor dog."

  79. SeriousHex
    5 місяців tagasi

    see, you just have to have a cup of room temperature, strong black cofee, let the kid taste it and go "YUUUUUCK" and they'll never try to grab for it after that.

  80. Burn Victim Yoda
    Burn Victim Yoda
    5 місяців tagasi

    why cant the kid touch your coffee? It's all cream anyways 5:13

  81. Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez
    5 місяців tagasi

    2:34 It’s not her first time

  82. Samuel R6s
    Samuel R6s
    5 місяців tagasi

    oh lisaaaaa

  83. Yundt Myong
    Yundt Myong
    5 місяців tagasi

    The neat fired macropharmacologically request because chill controversly greet failing a festive internet. odd, dramatic music

  84. Sibyl Saint
    Sibyl Saint
    5 місяців tagasi

    I'm makin' meat baawwwls.

  85. J3v16-17
    5 місяців tagasi

    4:30 should be a reminder for all that it is often better to put down the camera and help the person. She could have drowned in there and he stood by and did nothing to help because it was more important for him to get a good video t post on EEpulse. What an idiot.

    1. Idon'tbelieveinshortcomments
      Місяць tagasi

      hopefully, it resurfaces within a few meters. wouldn't be the first time that someone died in one of these fail videos

    2. D_Schumacher31
      Місяць tagasi

      Will that person be okay?

  86. Bleep Blop
    Bleep Blop
    5 місяців tagasi

    5 second rule??! Y’all are in a public spot. Not your home🤢🤮 disgusting

  87. Jon Hutchens
    Jon Hutchens
    5 місяців tagasi

    Why does the pug have a flat nose?

  88. One among Billions
    One among Billions
    5 місяців tagasi

    @4.35 Is the girl ok?

  89. Talan Horne
    Talan Horne
    5 місяців tagasi

    4:32 she just disappeared 😂

  90. Brandon Dorcas
    Brandon Dorcas
    5 місяців tagasi

    I wonder if that frog has feelings like, "well I guess I am disgusting and terrifying, and just a huge joke to these other guys...awesome."

  91. Army SGT Random
    Army SGT Random
    5 місяців tagasi

    This was prob the worst video y’all made thus far

  92. Ricardo666
    5 місяців tagasi

    2:33 Bitch doesn't swallow...

  93. Alex Y-Tec
    Alex Y-Tec
    5 місяців tagasi

    3:33 Is this legal !? Hahaha..

  94. old mcdonald
    old mcdonald
    5 місяців tagasi

    thank the lord for morons

  95. moj tato jest kowalem
    moj tato jest kowalem
    5 місяців tagasi

    Cartman was right , girls are NOT funny !!!

  96. Anatoly Maly
    Anatoly Maly
    5 місяців tagasi

    ребят, мне холодно... ахахахахахаха

  97. Dave Woff
    Dave Woff
    5 місяців tagasi

    Horse says,,, fuck you!!! Lmao

  98. A U
    A U
    5 місяців tagasi

    6:55 might become the next joker he did not laugh the entire time.

  99. Kirby Evans
    Kirby Evans
    5 місяців tagasi

    And people wonder why aliens haven't contacted us....

  100. Евгений Куликов
    Евгений Куликов
    5 місяців tagasi

    What did guy around 0:27 say? I can't get it through the music