Returning To The Hardest Nation In Hearts Of Iron 4 - Hoi4A2Z

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  1. legodude494

    Since ISP is getting through the A2Z I can't wait to finally see that 1 speed neutral Switzerland game.

  2. Samo CSKA
    Samo CSKA

    I sure do love watching ISP “play” Luxembourg

  3. Breadley

    Been a while since we made him go full pain.

  4. Eltener123

    As Tannu Tuva you can end up with a bigger army than your entire population with that army spirit by like 1940

  5. L.


  6. Brickertown

    ISP finally loses it and hallucinates Susembourg

  7. Kael McManus
    Kael McManus

    Can’t believe the brave editor risked being slapped by ISP just to correct him. Not all heroes wear capes.

  8. Alec Smith
    Alec Smith

    ISP: We need manpower now.

  9. E

    Pain is the only word ISP is gonna know for a week

  10. Shadow 323
    Shadow 323

    "What's your name recruit?"

  11. jack cuff
    jack cuff

    life is pointless and depressing

  12. Coat of Arms
    Coat of Arms

    I can’t wait till Luxembourg gets a focus tree before Italy.

  13. FollowMySteps123

    Ah the Benelux now without Belgium and the netherlands, also known als Lux.

  14. Someone

    Every time ISP looks at the funny number, he loses that same pourcentage of neurons

  15. T0ac47

    Remember that Slovakia is a starting nation in the 1939 scenario

  16. Holstorr Sceadus
    Holstorr Sceadus

    Force attacking in a battle you're losing just to grind down enemies numbers without regard to your own losses is actually a pretty accurate thing for the Russian AI to do.

  17. JustAnotherLawyer

    The fact that the peace treaty concluded with two different French states is cursed as f…

  18. Liam Sawyer
    Liam Sawyer

    Hey ISP, quirky video you got there. Reminds me of the time I ran over a toddler in the McDonald's parking lot in 1996, just like how Germany ran over Luxembourg in 1940

  19. Generic guy #23
    Generic guy #23

    I didn’t know Braun was ISP’s editor, well that is actually really cool for some reason, the guy screaming into the mic is isps editor, I love you even more isp/Braun

  20. James Thomas
    James Thomas

    Fun fact, my grandfather who landed d+2 and fought in the hedges went awol with a hot luxemburg girl for like a month, lived with her family and everything.