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  1. Mrwhosetheboss Shorts
    Mrwhosetheboss Shorts
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    Send this to someone who always spills their drink 馃槀 Full gadgets video HERE:

    1. Asphalt Boomer
      Asphalt Boomer
      3 p盲eva tagasi

      @Grimmsnarl Gaming b

    2. Grimmsnarl Gaming
      Grimmsnarl Gaming
      3 p盲eva tagasi

      @Asphalt Boomer a

    3. DukGood
      3 p盲eva tagasi

      *sends to my other email*

    4. Dhanalakshmi Dhana
      Dhanalakshmi Dhana
      4 p盲eva tagasi

      Where are you from brother??

    5. Yahiko
      5 p盲eva tagasi

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    4 tundi tagasi

    Hello bro

  3. unknown0843
    5 tundi tagasi

    Throw it

  4. Francis Johann Erero
    Francis Johann Erero
    6 tundi tagasi

    Take the cup and spill it easy as that

  5. Rana Ismail
    Rana Ismail
    7 tundi tagasi

    im still curious if you held it upwards for a minute, would it still ignore gravity?

  6. Zentry6
    9 tundi tagasi


  7. Bernardinus Laurent
    Bernardinus Laurent
    10 tundi tagasi

    I did tht with something called gayung in indonesia and nothing spilled

    1. Bernardinus Laurent
      Bernardinus Laurent
      10 tundi tagasi


  8. Vyyvvyvy Vyvgvggv
    Vyyvvyvy Vyvgvggv
    11 tundi tagasi

    Everyone ignoring that he has a sweatshirt that has naked homer

  9. WeirdToaster
    13 tundi tagasi

    so like if I hold it like upside down like an umbrella will I still be fry

  10. Quai Shan
    Quai Shan
    13 tundi tagasi

    Water will still spill in most actual scenarios

  11. Makenna Dekoster
    Makenna Dekoster
    14 tundi tagasi


  12. Gamerhood MB
    Gamerhood MB
    16 tundi tagasi

    It doesn't ignore gravity. Spilling is not impossible

  13. Coding Master
    Coding Master
    19 tundi tagasi

    馃槀I will still drop it somehow

  14. Abdus Sattar Shabuj
    Abdus Sattar Shabuj
    20 tundi tagasi

    15 million views???!!! Congratulations Arun

  15. Villas Dam-Karlsen
    Villas Dam-Karlsen
    21 tund tagasi


  16. Eoin Kinsella
    Eoin Kinsella
    21 tund tagasi


  17. Leena Kaushik
    Leena Kaushik
    23 tundi tagasi

    I love鉂わ笍

  18. Gregory Blauhut
    Gregory Blauhut
    P盲ev tagasi

    Why do you wear basketball shoes out side

  19. 毓亘丿丕賱賱賴 賲丨賲丿 賮賴賷丿 丕賱卮賲乇丕賳賷
    毓亘丿丕賱賱賴 賲丨賲丿 賮賴賷丿 丕賱卮賲乇丕賳賷
    P盲ev tagasi

    Throw it

  20. Kelly Rose
    Kelly Rose
    P盲ev tagasi

    The secret of waiters

  21. Mikka May
    Mikka May
    P盲ev tagasi

    if ur spinning something at a constant speed nothing with spill spite the container or holder

  22. Mariya Haidri
    Mariya Haidri
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  23. 露掳galaxy_unucorns掳露
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  24. Virajthecalrgod Bawa
    Virajthecalrgod Bawa
    P盲ev tagasi

    This is good for Indians like me for cha

  25. 馃挏饾晪饾敻鈩曫潟愷潝葛煉
    P盲ev tagasi

    You had me at "they can ignore the effects of gravity" 馃槍

  26. Team Vallalha
    Team Vallalha
    P盲ev tagasi

    Yea i can do that with groceries

  27. Kelvin Nyo
    Kelvin Nyo
    P盲ev tagasi

    Wowww I like you're new shoes 馃憺

  28. Nugget Playz
    Nugget Playz
    P盲ev tagasi

    God: 鈥渙h heavens, what in the world is that magical item?鈥

  29. Coltdoggg
    P盲ev tagasi

    It is an interesting concept but there is no way that those are not fastened at the bottom somehow. I understand the consent of centripetal force but the jarring and sudden movements he makes would surely move the glasses on the tray.

  30. Mr poopypants
    Mr poopypants
    P盲ev tagasi

    Yall didnt know this americans馃え

  31. Charlie Lunde
    Charlie Lunde
    P盲ev tagasi

    Turn it over

  32. Charlie Lunde
    Charlie Lunde
    P盲ev tagasi

    Turn it over

  33. Leo V
    Leo V
    P盲ev tagasi

    Hmmmmm..... idk about this......i gotta see that the glasses werent just glued on that tray first.

  34. Joey Tribbiani
    Joey Tribbiani
    P盲ev tagasi

    That's the same with when I was younger and my grandpa swung a bucket of water round over his head in one swift motion and not a drop was spilled. I was stunned as a 6 year old would be.

  35. Sketches by Aiman
    Sketches by Aiman
    P盲ev tagasi

    bruh it's centrifugal force.

  36. Kaymo C'Raine
    Kaymo C'Raine
    P盲ev tagasi

    How does no one see that the water does not even move in the glasses. They are obviously glued on the tray and filled with.... NOT WATER!!! It's mthrfckn jello!

  37. Tamzid Rayhan
    Tamzid Rayhan
    P盲ev tagasi

    Indian Chai-Wala : HAHA A KID

  38. My Nguyen
    My Nguyen
    P盲ev tagasi

    At the end, the centrifugal force keeps the water from spilling out of the cup so no way your shoes will get ruined by that

  39. ItzKyy銉
    P盲ev tagasi

    Every waiter right now: :o

  40. Green Apple
    Green Apple
    P盲ev tagasi

    You can't spill the water cuz gravity didn't matter Gravity: i took this personally

  41. What's This?
    What's This?
    P盲ev tagasi

    Isn't that hoodie from H&M? I saw that in real life recently at my local one lol

  42. shristi
    P盲ev tagasi

    Are u indian because I m

  43. 鈥implyLemon鈥
    P盲ev tagasi

    "send this to someone who always spills their drink" Me: ....oh ok Also me: *Sends to my big cousin*

    P盲ev tagasi

    Me who has given physics exam today : Its quite disturbing 馃槀

  45. Oriya
    P盲ev tagasi

    Saw it at the action lab

  46. Gifted
    P盲ev tagasi

    I kinda figured this out when I was a kid about center of gravity and stuff. I would take a coin and put it on the palm of my hand then I would rotate it without closing my hand

  47. 鈥metkaly鈥
    P盲ev tagasi

    Hey just a fun thing I want to share:- If u all do the same thing using a bucket and fill it little less then half and try doing it it will absolutely work!!!!!!! Also a tip if u are trying start by rotating it around u!!!!?! Good luck!!!!!!!! But it's not needed cause it 100% reallllll

  48. Tommy Rachata Yoosawat
    Tommy Rachata Yoosawat
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    Sneakers info please 馃槄

  49. Mr. Pizza
    Mr. Pizza
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    Me: Don't mind if I push it up and down...

  50. Dove Write
    Dove Write
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    Pfffttt I used to do this with a bucket of water as a kid鈥

  51. Samuel Tairi
    Samuel Tairi
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    The bartenders: 馃槰馃槰馃挸馃挸

  52. ninja mountain
    ninja mountain
    2 p盲eva tagasi


  53. Princess Zuzu
    Princess Zuzu
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    Wtf wth wt

  54. Hriltea D luffy
    Hriltea D luffy
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    Found the reason why oceon doesn't spill from the eart馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  55. Adri Pacete
    Adri Pacete
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    Oh we're a physics channel now too 馃槅

  56. Damien M
    Damien M
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    That is in fact, how it works.

  57. Uchiha Minato
    Uchiha Minato
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    Congrats on the new shoes

  58. Rip :3
    Rip :3
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    He's this rich but still doesn't wear Gucci but the tiktokers would like to show off when they only can dream of iPhone

  59. Butternubs
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    Nice shoes

  60. shrt agnesmongsai
    shrt agnesmongsai
    2 p盲eva tagasi

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  61. Anaqonda
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    I always like to use these gravity tricks around my friends and they always say "wait bro it's gonna spill!" And I'm like *haha no*

  62. SinofWrath69
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    Now stop it mid swing to make your shoes better

  63. Ruan Meyer
    Ruan Meyer
    2 p盲eva tagasi


  64. Happyville
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    As a EEpulser, I say "Your video is awesome". Many EEpulsers, including myself, work hard to create videos despite the lack of income and views. 馃拹

  65. Delicia Izaguirre
    Delicia Izaguirre
    2 p盲eva tagasi


  66. Ya臒mur Tuana G眉lcemal
    Ya臒mur Tuana G眉lcemal
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    La bu biz bunu zaten y谋llard谋r kullan谋yoruz kf艧sjd艧sjs艧js艧sjs艧s 枚nceden yapt谋臒谋m谋z mant谋kl谋 艧eylerden g枚r眉yorum vay bee

  67. Horo624
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    my brain: Shake it up and down and see what happens !!1

  68. Landon Parsons
    Landon Parsons
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    What about the throwing it up in the air

  69. Batu Orhun Bilgic
    Batu Orhun Bilgic
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    Turkish tea guys have been using these for decades

  70. Jay Edward Magno
    Jay Edward Magno
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    arun panicked screaming is on replay

  71. Tiaan 023
    Tiaan 023
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    I have the same lebron 18s!!

  72. Hrithik Banerjee
    Hrithik Banerjee
    2 p盲eva tagasi


  73. Lawrence Luna
    Lawrence Luna
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    Why all restaurants dont use it? Its so good that should be in the law of restaurants

  74. Hzx
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    I know it when i was kid

  75. Alex Kane
    Alex Kane
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    I swear i saw this on the Dragons Den

  76. Pxste69 Ye
    Pxste69 Ye
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    Not the lebron 18 lows

  77. Sphinx
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    Throw it

  78. Tracker Aerospace
    Tracker Aerospace
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    Centrifugal, not centripetal. Centrifugal force pulls the water down into the glasses, away from the center of rotation. Centripetal force would pull the water out of the glasses towards the center of rotation, perpendicular to the velocity vector.

  79. XevianLight
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    My dumb ass would still manage to spill it all

  80. Salama Alharmoodi
    Salama Alharmoodi
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    It鈥檚 not gadget you can use it for like anything you can put example a bucket of water and do the same thing it鈥檚 giving balance so doesn鈥檛 it spill the water

  81. RossDog
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    To the person who is reading this, don't give up on your EEpulse channel, keep going, it's going to get better!

  82. Benji
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    the blue color liquid looks amazing

  83. Carlos Egos
    Carlos Egos
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    me just throw it bro

  84. Daud Haider
    Daud Haider
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    Just Howwwwwwwwwww

  85. Shourya Maheshwari
    Shourya Maheshwari
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    The hoodie is from H & M right

  86. Ataberk Cem 脺nal
    Ataberk Cem 脺nal
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    Every tea maker use this in Turkey

  87. cwdau
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    "Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment!" 馃弳

  88. Joethepro2507
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    If you have a bucket of water or something and you spun it around quickly, it wouldn鈥檛 spill

  89. That kiddo Riya
    That kiddo Riya
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    Bro it鈥檚 fucking jello

  90. BlockAshurPlayZ
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    Ill f g

  91. AlexSwanson
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    Your description is flawed and shit

  92. AlexSwanson
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    Those shoes are fucking disgusting

  93. Penelope Monfort
    Penelope Monfort
    3 p盲eva tagasi


  94. John Omanglad_YT
    John Omanglad_YT
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    When I was in grade 1 I wanted to drink some water and an idea came in my mind what if I spin the bottle around while it鈥檚 open and I was really surprised it did the same thing. It didn鈥檛 spill

  95. 饾晝饾暊饾晹饾晵饾暆_鈩曫潟狆潟狆潟曫潟濔潟栶潟
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    The tray is only holding the glass not the liquid inside this is fake :/

  96. Anthonia Ebulubu
    Anthonia Ebulubu
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    I used to do this with a normal basket with glass in it, I had a good record until-

  97. * a b b y *
    * a b b y *
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    What if u drop it鈥 boom beat the system

  98. still on yt at 3am
    still on yt at 3am
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    No one gon talk about his hoodie

  99. Moon Maze Core
    Moon Maze Core
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    Impossible drop it boom