2021 Preserve Championship | R2F9 LEAD | McBeth, Wysocki, Orum, Rathbun | Jomez

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Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the MPO lead card's second round at the 2021 Preserve Championship.

Card: Paul McBeth, Ricky Wysocki, Matthew Orum, Gavin Rathbun
Course: Airborn Preserve | Clearwater, Minnesota
BigSexyBarri Commentary: Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling, Nate "Sexy" Sexton, & Paul "Uli" Ulibarri

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Front 9 Chapters
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01:06 HOLE 1
05:34 HOLE 2
08:03 HOLE 3
11:24 HOLE 4
16:02 HOLE 5
20:22 HOLE 6
23:15 HOLE 7
30:25 HOLE 9

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  1. Daimler_Stool
    3 pรคeva tagasi

    Shooter McGavin

  2. Ron Miller
    Ron Miller
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    And Ricky just loves old-golf-course DG Tournaments... ;)

  3. Gonnar Frantzen
    Gonnar Frantzen
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Pangea Ocean Clean Up - $POC - Be the solution to ocean pollution!

  4. Jason Schwartz
    Jason Schwartz
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    I need links for any early Matty O coverage, please. was it 2004 or 2006?

  5. Cailen Ricketson
    Cailen Ricketson
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    @jomezPro On your videos going forward, I have a suggestion!

  6. spud8111
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    What is the first song it's phenomenal

  7. Javier Rodriguez
    Javier Rodriguez
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Good stuff!!

  8. Diego
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Holy Butter Rathbun on hole 5 probably the best catch cam ever! Uli knew too lol

  9. Chris Hernandez
    Chris Hernandez
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Do pro still lose disc all the time? Even not during tournament play.

  10. Kyle Weir
    Kyle Weir
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Hearing pros say "go in" when a shot is 30 feet short like the rest of us is great

  11. Philip Markussen
    Philip Markussen
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Would be Nice to have the name track of the disc on eveytime

  12. humphrey bogarden
    humphrey bogarden
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Drifty little lulu

  13. bigwooly1013
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Always a pleasure to see Matty-O on the lead card coverage. Such a unique form and game.

  14. Frank James English
    Frank James English
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Great pro circuit it will continue to grow.. Hopefully we can also care for the earth better, this wildfire is such a sign of the times.. I would need my inhaler if out there people really should be wearing masks for air quality and virus.. not making a judgement just saying

  15. John Marshall
    John Marshall
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    I love Big Jerm's knowledge of the game and courses - i.e. Chickasabogue getting name dropped

  16. Jason Sutcliffe
    Jason Sutcliffe
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Keep up the good work jo mez

  17. Nick Bishop
    Nick Bishop
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Wysocki bro man is on fire !!! Eagle on his heals...

  18. Dave Tackett
    Dave Tackett
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    I wish someone would explain the stat, 'SG-T2G'. I watch most videos yet never heard it mentioned.

  19. barefoot kiwi
    barefoot kiwi
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Kia ora I've never played disc golf but I got into watching it last year because, you know, last year so I am still learning the rules. I love Jomez but I have also listened to Philo on his channel he commentates on and one thing he's big on is foot faults. My understanding is you can't stand on your disc when throwing from the fairway. To that end, were Ricky's 2 fairway shots on hole 9 both foot faults?

  20. BCdWG
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    13:59 *As McBeth throws a Zone* "Sidearming midrange here" - Uli "That's a mid?" - Jerm "Yes" - Uli The "Is the Zone a mid or putter debate" is over folks.

  21. Josh Russell
    Josh Russell
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi


  22. ReluctantAardvark
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Matty O: my GTA5 avatar

  23. Cpt. Cool
    Cpt. Cool
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Ricky's enthusiasm has won me over.

  24. Doctor President
    Doctor President
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    1:07 Amazing. Had to come back and watch this a third time. What a fantastic sense of humor Nate has!

  25. wildcat31772
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    McBeth rollaway on 3 is why i'm not a fan of those silly boxes at the base of the basket. Very unnecessary and needlessly punishing.

  26. IamTBUCK
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    I like that you added the disc Name/Model to the tee shots. Would it be possible to add the same info for each shot?

  27. Dan Kauffman
    Dan Kauffman
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    That "Hit Here" Foundation Disc Golf basket target did not know who its boss is.

  28. Noah Fiveash
    Noah Fiveash
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    I was in second at the turn where is my name Jonathan

  29. Quagliarella
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Gavin Rathbum ๐Ÿ˜…

  30. Bohemen
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Drinking coffee and eating a full tomato as if it was an apple whilst watching this, because sometimes you have to get creative.

  31. Chris A
    Chris A
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    paul been playing with simon too much, sky anny in a tornado

  32. Cody Galvin
    Cody Galvin
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    I'm liking the breakdowns Uli, way more energy and pazaz

  33. Radwynfinite
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    The hole breakdowns are a cool idea, but why does Uli choose to exaggerate the scripted tonality in his voice? Itโ€™s supposed to sound stern and analytical, but itโ€™s like he spent half an hour writing down his natural thoughts about the hole, then reads them in an unnatural, customer service phone menu voice. Why he do dat? Probably purposefully just to piss off people who are easily triggered by contrived superficial personalities

  34. Delai Lama
    Delai Lama
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    26:45 - smooth moves.

  35. Gulzt
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    I'm a bit sad that it's spoiled who is on the lead card for round 2 (or later). Is it possible to make it more neutral in the future?

  36. Dennis Bergetoft
    Dennis Bergetoft
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    It would be amazing if the new graphic also was showing the distance of every supposed shot! Keep up the great work!

  37. Dennis Miller
    Dennis Miller
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Would you start mentioning which discs they use again, Iโ€™m always curious.

    1. Emma Hanley
      Emma Hanley
      ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

      @Dennis Miller in your defense itโ€™s very very small, and not on every throw, mostly drives ๐Ÿ˜‚

    2. Dennis Miller
      Dennis Miller
      ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

      @Emma Hanley oh lord i feel ridiculous.

    3. Emma Hanley
      Emma Hanley
      ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

      Isnโ€™t it literally a graphic now on every throw? Upper right hand corner. Mold and weight of disc and speed of throw. Maybe just on drives.

  38. Andrew
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Hole 9 makes me wonder...are we going to see a 2000 ft par 5 in the future? These guys are getting so good.

    1. Mastashake
      ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

      Sucks for the rest of us Mortals

  39. Mastashake
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Hole 3. Every one of these guys or at least Mcbeth and Rick have a sidearm to flip up work back in against the hill. Interesting no one gave it a go. I see next to no obstacles on the left

  40. slikkwell
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Just askin... ya'll hear all that coughing?

  41. Mastashake
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Okay I'm like a minute in, but how could they let them play around, and then cancel the round, when everybody had to play it? Is this a disc golf pro tour event? I'm going to watch and assume that atrocious decision wasn't made by Edit: I know it was a symbol in the bottom right. Of course it's a disc golf pro tour event lol

  42. Sam Nazy
    Sam Nazy
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Anyone else notice is say Rathbum instead of Rathbun in the intro.. whatโ€™s Jomez trying to say?

  43. Johan Moberg
    Johan Moberg
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Did Gavin throw his driver upside down on 7th tee???

  44. dane6117
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Watch Ricky's foot during hole 9. Watch marker disc

  45. Matt Alexander
    Matt Alexander
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Idk why anyone would be surprised by Paul McBeast throwing aggressively in this tournament when not only did they warn of this potentially being the last round, but also the fact that he just lost one of the biggest tournaments to Conradโ€™s epic throw-in this year. McBeth had the lead on that last hole, while playing very conservatively, so I donโ€™t expect him to hold anything back, especially if heโ€™s behind the leader, within striking distance. Seems pretty fitting to me, honestly.

  46. Warren Mackey
    Warren Mackey
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Are baked. Probably throw me laser or approach shot me good player yes

  47. Warren Mackey
    Warren Mackey
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    You know The Oregonian Big Saxy and The Carolinian Storm Germanium

  48. Warren Mackey
    Warren Mackey
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    That dude is right this coverage is trippy cool for sure but I kinda feel some 70โ€™s elements you ll probably agree. Or maybe like watch ing the British open in Britten at whatever time you choose whatever time period is allowed

  49. Warren Mackey
    Warren Mackey
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    I must say that having played a wee bit in excess of a year as a amateur and now in the WDGA and winning the recent El Jefemiente Open in Mexico Iโ€™m no yahoo so itโ€™s good to see that Ricky brah polski is fulfilling his whatever probably not smoking puffing on the reefer like me but holmes looks the part ainโ€™t no fucking Nike high tops and fucked up Bermuda whatever shorts not that there ainโ€™t a place be only rarely brah. Sporting probably some O Neil single color 20 inchers hoes smoking some fucking pre loaded ducking Jack Herrer H herrer fucking hash infused preroll blood nice but not dipped in some oi oi al

  50. Zachary Donohue
    Zachary Donohue
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    I gotta say. Nate sexton is the greatest commentator ever.

  51. cyclonemouse
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    The guy with a cough. Is he ok?

  52. Lane Kisling
    Lane Kisling
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    This card tho ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿค™๐Ÿค™

  53. Jordan Schaeffer
    Jordan Schaeffer
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Ricky is pulling out that KC Pro Roc instead of his pig a lot in this front 9

  54. Brad Elsner
    Brad Elsner
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Just getting started

  55. Brad Elsner
    Brad Elsner
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Marty O on lead. Go son ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  56. James Baze
    James Baze
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Amazing coverage. Love it. I was hoping to here some miked up Matty O. It's good to see Johnathon not humped over a camera๐Ÿ˜Š

  57. Str8 Chillin
    Str8 Chillin
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Matty O is so SMOOOOTH, love watching him!!!

  58. Brian Duffy
    Brian Duffy
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    18:27 Paul gets called creative and commended for going for the highlight play, when yesterday Gannon throwing the same exact shot was "the difference between a tour rookie and a veteran" ... interesting

    1. Mastashake
      ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

      They were pretty critical of it afterwards. Listen to the following comments

  59. Alan S
    Alan S
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Whoever captured Matty O's shot @ 24:49 has some serious skillz

  60. Brian Dulli
    Brian Dulli
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi


  61. Brian Dulli
    Brian Dulli
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Matty Oโ€™s sunglasses are the coolest

  62. Ken Sherlock
    Ken Sherlock
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Northwood Park (mentioned #12 on the gold course) now has two different courses. The OG uses about 2/3 of the Blue tees and the Black course has #12 and is over 10,000 feet. Can't wait to see the pros tackle it next week.

  63. Lane Pemberton
    Lane Pemberton
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    love matty o but it's really annoying when eagle misses lead card while he's tied with 4th. to whatever rule or choice made that happen, change it. put the #1 disc golfer in the world and the hottest player right now in the spotlight

    1. Jon Reid
      Jon Reid
      ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

      It's decided based on pdga number so seniority breaks that tie. Perhaps they could do it based on current rating instead, but pretty sure it's been the way it is now for ever

  64. Lincoln Cook
    Lincoln Cook
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    I love in the โ€œlow profileโ€ that it was spelled Gavin โ€œRathbuMโ€! ๐Ÿ˜‚ love ya Gav!

    1. McSmelly Outdoors
      McSmelly Outdoors
      ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

      I was worried no one else noticed that lol good for a chuckle

  65. Wreqt
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    19:30 Simon rubbing off on Paul from their video where they each picked the other's shots. It was so funny how much they were each left questioning their strategies at the end.

  66. Ulrich Von Stomp
    Ulrich Von Stomp
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Lol! Uli with the commentator's curse on McBeth on hole 8! ...it's real!

  67. Andrew Pastoor
    Andrew Pastoor
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Dear Dave the Diver - I lost a Paul Mcbeth TeeBird3 on hole 8 a month ago. I'd love to see it again someday. Sincerely, Mourning Disc Golfer. Ps. Another awesome Jomez production!

  68. Douglas Welliver
    Douglas Welliver
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Heads up. It's Scuba Nate. Not Dave the diver

  69. Chris Davies
    Chris Davies
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    0:53 - RATHBUM?

  70. Sean Mason
    Sean Mason
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    4K uploads sometime?

  71. Jeremiah Troyer
    Jeremiah Troyer
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    26:47 guy in background ๐Ÿคฃ

  72. Charles C
    Charles C
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Anyone notice the guy in the back at 9:41? ๐Ÿ˜„

  73. Jacob Puthoff
    Jacob Puthoff
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Alright, two "Simon lines" and it's only hole 5. That's impressive since Simon isn't even on this card.

  74. Noxtrot
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Yeeah Gaviiiin! Love that he's more often on coverage now, and it wasn't too long ago when I saw him on coverage for the first time.

  75. Janet Campbell
    Janet Campbell
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    My husband and I are getting a kick out Rickyโ€™s shirt going from blue to green depending on camera angle. Itโ€™s blue! No itโ€™s green!๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

  76. Abigor Anathema
    Abigor Anathema
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Sad we didn't get speed and distance measurement on Gavin's boom on hole 9.

    1. brandon tilton
      brandon tilton
      ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

      Rickyโ€™s was 650 so Iโ€™m thinking around 610ish. But i was thinking the same thing

  77. ActionPouty
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    26:45- 26:50 blue shirt in the background ๐Ÿ˜‚

  78. AirGunning Colorado
    AirGunning Colorado
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Tee on 2 all I can think about is how lucky we are to see Paul and Ricky go at it.

  79. zeeberg89
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    22:27 "Really" hahaha

  80. Brock Young
    Brock Young
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Ricky shot a -15 in the first round and he can't get top billing in the title of this video?

  81. Brian Cuprisin
    Brian Cuprisin
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Dave the diver? Is that a failed Nickelodeon kids show?

  82. ActionPouty
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Uli..โ€scuff scuff scuff โ€œ๐Ÿ˜… โ€œSkeet skeet skeet โ€œ๐Ÿ˜‚

  83. blapez
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Paul kinda a qwig

  84. Jordan Obst
    Jordan Obst
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Why have orum instead of eagle

    1. Jon Reid
      Jon Reid
      ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

      PDGA number, lowest goes first

    2. Sam Anthony
      Sam Anthony
      ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

      Cause Matty O is the bomb.

  85. TL Tilley
    TL Tilley
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Gavin Rathbum ๐Ÿ˜‚

  86. Paul Fickinger
    Paul Fickinger
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Love watching Matt Orum throw, such a unique style. It just goes to show that there isn't one perfect throwing style. That after building up a strong base in the fundamentals of throwing the next step is finding what's comfortable for you and what fits your body. Edit: Matt put on a goddamn clinic on hole 9. Absolute perfection!

  87. Christopher McCabe
    Christopher McCabe
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Those buckets are awful and have been for years. How on Earth those are still allowed at this level of competition is beyond me.

  88. John Hall
    John Hall
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Paul Ulibarri, go to a barber shop and get that goatee fixed! They can show you how it plays out.

  89. Robert Zurawski
    Robert Zurawski
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Congrats on being the only channel I have notification set on

  90. Pieter Janse-Vreeling
    Pieter Janse-Vreeling
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Gavin - love your game but the cheesy high school theater glued stache gotta go bro!

  91. Carl
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Love the overhead views, great complement to the drones, but if I can pick one would take the overhead any day

  92. stu dro
    stu dro
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Goooooooooooo riiiiiicky!!!!

  93. tomthefall
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    i dont know why but i love gavin and how he plays

  94. Gpsi861
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    does no one film the distance contest? i'd watch that.

    1. Urtypicalnerd
      ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi


  95. FistaCuffLinks
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    You guys might wanna rethink about mic-ing up Ricky. Between the constant "yeeeah's", all the *cough cough sniff*... Not fun to listen to every time he's on lead. I appreciate when you've given more of the other guys, like you did with Matty O, a go! Heard enough Ricky rounds to know what I'm missing...

  96. Theron Hobbs
    Theron Hobbs
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Gavin Rathbum lol

  97. Cassidy DuBois
    Cassidy DuBois
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Ricky is in my top 3 of fav players, but how is no one calling him on his foot faults? Second shot on 7, 2nd and 3rd shot on 9, you can hear him stomp on his disc.

    1. Sam Anthony
      Sam Anthony
      ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

      Because the foot fault thing on giant distance shots is stupid and all the pros know it. On putts its one thing. But these courses demand mega shots where you have to twist through and your supposed to hit a piece of paper behind your disc? Its stupid.

    2. Shaun Gates
      Shaun Gates
      ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

      it's ok nikko.

  98. MrJermoni
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    If Gavin Rathbun ever decides to go to movie industry, he will have a great career acting as 80's officer or detective with that moustache.

  99. Bunab
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Love seeing Matt'o cruuuuush in distance, seeing how he has said he dislikes courses that only focus on distance ability. He got it all, distance and control!

  100. bikerbrandon1
    ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

    Any particular reason jomez doesnt really use drone footage anymore?

    1. Mastashake
      ะœั–ััั†ัŒ tagasi

      Other than at the beginning of every hole?